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                 Come and wish your friends (or a stranger)
We have numerous birthdays for you to choose from each month. We never have enough though so don't forget to add your Birthday, Anniversary or other day special to you.

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1. February 2023, 15:34:29
Subject: Re: Birthday girl.
SolidGold: Hope you had a great one!

31. July 2022, 11:17:53
Subject: Re: Happy Birthday to Me
ketchuplover: Happy Birthday.

16. July 2022, 11:17:56
Subject: Re: Emma's birthday
Modified by Mousetrap (16. July 2022, 11:18:26)
Mort: Have had a few this week for her. Gone too early. Never forgotten may she rest in peace

27. August 2021, 10:03:25
Subject: Re: merci beaucoupand early
ketchuplover: Ha ha

26. August 2021, 15:35:05
Subject: Re: merci beaucoup
ketchuplover: Happy very very Belated really late Birthday.

16. July 2021, 15:34:09
Happy Belated Birthday Heavenly Emma.

11. October 2020, 22:55:47
Subject: Re:
MelissaMarie: Happy Birthday!

30. July 2019, 12:26:12
Happy Belated Birthday MadMonkey hope it was a great one!

20. May 2019, 23:32:51
Happy Birthday BadBoy7

7. October 2011, 05:23:53
Thank you.

5. October 2011, 09:28:41
Subject: Re: Happy
crosseyed: Thank you

5. October 2011, 09:28:08
Subject: Re: October and a very well perserved
Chimera: But of course! Or should that be pickled?

4. October 2011, 01:07:16
Subject: Re: October
Modified by Mousetrap (4. October 2011, 01:22:11)
Chimera: Oh crap! Now you have gone an reminded me I will be 85
Naww I tell lies. I was actually 87 last March

17. July 2011, 15:08:41
Subject: Famous birthdays
Interesting site. James Cagney would have been a 112!

17. July 2011, 01:51:13
Subject: Re: Brush or rolling pin and mine is and fried apple
Modified by Mousetrap (17. July 2011, 01:52:09)
Tuesday: (forgot the knife and fork)

17. July 2011, 01:40:20
Subject: Re: Brush or rolling pin and mine is
Tuesday: No my Nanna,s! She had the real thing!

17. July 2011, 01:27:49
Subject: Re: Brush or rolling pin
gogul: Hey that reminds me of my Nanna,s rolling pin

16. July 2011, 22:56:45
Subject: Re: How long is a piece of string
Mélusine: Longer than that

16. July 2011, 22:22:34
Subject: Re: When is
Mélusine: How long is a piece of string

16. July 2011, 22:12:43
Subject: Re: You know who will turn up and late again
(V): And tourist attraction. No doubt!

16. July 2011, 22:04:22
Subject: Re: You know who will turn up and late again
(V): Yep! Far too late now. Bet we get it in the neck though

16. July 2011, 22:01:41
Subject: No 5
Wow this board is at no 5! Bet it has never been so popular. Wonder when all the errr no best not say You know who will turn up

16. July 2011, 21:55:47
Subject: Re:You want others to give a crap
Artful Dodger:

16. July 2011, 21:51:50
Subject: Re:when is
Artful Dodger: I am sure you could not give a crap about when my birthday is

16. July 2011, 21:45:10
Subject: Re:I wish
Artful Dodger: And I dont not like Emma. Hang on aint we forgetting something here. You did start it (Points at AD)

16. July 2011, 21:43:56
Subject: Re: Brush
gogul: Stuck in a jar of water on the shelf

16. July 2011, 21:41:13
Subject: Re:I wish
Artful Dodger: It is certainly very strange. I would not wish a happy birthday to someone I did not like

16. July 2011, 02:38:57
Subject: Re: Taking the P***
Artful Dodger: Yeah yeah pull the other one it has got bells on it

16. July 2011, 02:28:51
Subject: Taking the P***
Thought this board was suppose to be friendly and forget anything we think about one another? Am sure glad They dont know when my birthday is on here.

5. October 2010, 18:20:28
Subject: Re: Happy
alilsassy: Thank you

5. October 2010, 18:19:55
Subject: Re: Happy Birthday Mousey and I,ve made you a
Snoopy: KOOL!

7. October 2008, 09:28:05
Subject: Re: Bonanza
Tuesday: Thank you and thank you Volant The cat let the cat out of the bag

6. October 2008, 02:24:23
Subject: Re: Birthday Girl
Nirvana: and Baddessi yes thank you it were alright

6. October 2008, 00:02:58
Subject: Re: Birthday Girl (opps)doggy not (doddy) paddle
Modified by Mousetrap (6. October 2008, 00:03:52)
Jim Dandy: Thank you thank you

5. October 2008, 21:27:11
Subject: Re: Birthday Girl
Jim Dandy: I had them done specially!

5. October 2008, 18:36:13
Subject: Re: Birthday Girl

23. May 2008, 13:38:26
Subject: Re: Happy Anniversay
Modified by Mousetrap (23. May 2008, 13:38:49)
Bubbles Pbarb2: Hiya! Hope you are well on the mend. I am a little late but Congrats to you both. And I miss you but your health comes first. Take care.

26. September 2007, 07:19:31
Subject: Happy Birthday Jim!
I knew it was near so thought I,d best check in here.
Have a good one and may you have many more!

20. August 2007, 15:29:51
Purple: Happy Birthday! Hope you have many many more!

23. July 2007, 03:51:28
瀬人様: Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good day!

16. July 2007, 04:02:46
Subject: OH NO!
I missed it!
Happy Birthday Emma!

6. July 2007, 15:26:05
Happy Birthday Emma! Have a good one!

24. September 2006, 00:02:29
Subject: And the same
to anyone else on this day!
Happy Birthday tooo yoouuuu!

24. September 2006, 00:01:24
Subject: Nirvana! I heard it was your birthday!
Happy Birthday! May you have many more!

15. July 2006, 17:08:05
Subject: Re: Happy Birthday Emma
heavenlyemma: Happy Birthday! I,ll have a drink at the club tonight for you and toast to you having good health and many more.

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