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We have numerous birthdays for you to choose from each month. We never have enough though so don't forget to add your Birthday, Anniversary or other day special to you.

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6. November 2003, 14:58:26
Well here we go again! Would everyone mind re-posting their birthdays?!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to CurrentRiver KM!!!

6. November 2003, 15:19:30
Linda J 
Subject: Happy Birthday
CurrentRiver hope your day is great.Sing or us again harley.Break the new board back in right.

6. November 2003, 15:25:54
LOL, ok!

# Happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear Current River...
Happy birthday to you #

!!!!!!! (Blame Linda for that one!)

6. November 2003, 15:26:17
I'll be singing that later for my twins too! They're 8 today!!

6. November 2003, 15:33:05
Linda J 
Awe the sweet sound of harleys voice.Rose I wasn't referring to you.Do tell your B-day.40 is nothing I was 46 this year.feel like 20.I shall never grow up.

6. November 2003, 15:35:22
Linda J 
Happy birthday to harley's twins.Have a great day little ones.Ice cream for the kiddies.{:}}

7. November 2003, 03:00:47
Subject: Re: Happy Birthday
Gosh, I'm getting sooooo old.......

Thank you all for the Birthday greetings. I had a very nice day. Got to talk to my two children. The Son lives in Maine and my Daughter in Florida. A long way off from Missouri. :o) I miss them. Wish they lived closer to home.

A Happy Birthday, to the two 8 year olds. I guess they had a big party .

9. November 2003, 13:52:31
Linda J 
Subject: Happy Birthday Fencer
A great big special birthday wish for you Fencer.Take the day off and enjoy.Hope you have an awesome day.

9. November 2003, 14:08:19

Happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear Fencer
Happy birthday to you ♪♪♫♫♪♪♪

9. November 2003, 14:39:06
holdem player 
Subject: Happy Birthday Fencer

9. November 2003, 15:13:55
Happy birthday Fencer!!! The big 30!! :oD

That means I've been at BrainKing for a year! So happy BrainKing anniversary to me! LOL!

9. November 2003, 16:34:47
Subject: ♫♪♪♫ ~* ♪♪♫
°°·.,,.·°§«:*´`³¤(¯`'¤¸`°´¯`°¤.¸«*HAPPY B-DAY FENCER*»¸.¤°´¯`°´¸¤´¯)¤³´`*:»§°·.,,.·°°¤

9. November 2003, 17:22:21
Subject: Re: ♫♪♪♫ ~* ♪♪♫
Ditto Filip!!!

9. November 2003, 19:05:27
Thank you :-)

9. November 2003, 23:05:56
cya peeps 
Subject: Birthday song
♪♪♫Today is a birthday
I wonder for who?♪♪♫
♪♪♫I know it's for someone
Right here in this room ♪♪♫(ok...DB)
♪♪♫So look all around you for somebody who
Is smiling♪♪♫
♪♪♫And happy

Happy Birthday to you (bla bla bla

An actual song I used to sing to my kindergartners on their birthday. :)

I have another one but it's too mushy. ♪♪♫♪♪♫

9. November 2003, 23:20:42
Linda J 
LOL Oh let us hear it.

10. November 2003, 01:53:34
The Listener 
Subject: Happy B-day Filip!
Here's a bouquet of smileys for you!

                    :)           :·)
           :)             =)
      :o)            :·)
           :)                =o)
        ~ MS

10. November 2003, 02:06:44 
Subject: A Birthday Cake!

10. November 2003, 03:42:19
Subject: Re: Happy Birthday
tell the twins HAPPY birtday n' a HAPPY birthday to Fencer n' currentriver as well as anyone else whom will be having one today.nice cake bbw.

C[] C[] C[] C[] C[] C[] C[] n' the root beers on me

10. November 2003, 06:58:06
Subject: Re: A Birthday Cake!
Cut it soon, Fencer. We all want a piece!!!
Happy Birthday Toooooo Youuuuuu.....

10. November 2003, 07:24:14
Subject: Re: A Birthday Cake!
Happy Birthday Fencer and many more. hope you had a nice day.
Happy Birthday to the twins, our daughters twin girls will be 6 in 2 weeks.

10. November 2003, 13:35:03
Radiant2008 :-) 
Subject: Re: Birthday song
OMG.. I missed two B-day's and your singing Art! ;o)

Please accept my best B-day wishes for you, Filip and yes, many many more to come! Tell us about your day?? Did your daughter sing for you? ;o)

Happy B-day to Harleys Twins!! Did they had a good time? Many many more fun years to come!! Did you had a Twin Birthday Cake??? ;o)))

10. November 2003, 18:32:02
Oh Radiant, don't mention cakes to me! LOL! I normally buy 2 smaller cakes, one each, since they both always want different pictures. This year, one wanted football, one Bratz.
Then they argued so badly about which cake to take to the party, I ended up buying yet another cake, JUST for the party!

10. November 2003, 20:28:30
Radiant2008 :-) 
LOL - my niece had her B-day party last Saturday.. she has only her B-day Nov 19th! But the family will go to the Netherlands to celebrate her Birthday with Oma and Opa (my parents) - which is still a surprise for her, btw.. ;o)))

but my brother bought her a special cake from: SNOWWHITE and the 7 DWARFS - so cute!! ;o))) I never saw such cake before!! LOL\

I wonder what my parents will buy her for cake..

Unfortunately I cannot be there to witness, because I cannot leave the country.. :o((( but I am sure she will tell me later on!!

And I should not complain.. I treated myself on a trip all the way over to the West Coast and hopefully see the Pacific!! ;o))) Meeting a couple of friends in Oregon and Washington State! Cannot wait!! ;o))

10. November 2003, 20:43:31
Back Soon 
Subject: Belated Birthday.....
Happy Birtday Fencer!!!! Hope you had a great day & welcome to the 30's!! :oD

11. November 2003, 09:14:47
I am 31 :-)

12. November 2003, 01:23:49
Subject: Re: Good thing ya didn't have tripletts!
Who knows what cake the third would have ordered!!!
Happy belated Birthday to your twins, Harley!!
And happy cake eating...teehee ;)

12. November 2003, 10:51:57
31??? I remember 31! *counts on fingers....takes sock off....counts on toes....takes other sock off....shakes head....17 years ago....*

12. November 2003, 11:16:00
Subject: Re: Good thing ya didn't have tripletts!
Oh dear God don't say things like that!! LOL! I don't know how Bumble & Panda do it with TWO sets of twins! *shudder*!! LOL!

12. November 2003, 13:08:54
Happy Birthday to Niki, who probably will not be on today as she is not at work LOL :o)

12. November 2003, 13:27:13
Linda J 
Happy Birthday Niki.Have a great day

12. November 2003, 21:31:48
Subject: Re: birthday wishes
Thankyou MadMonkey and Linda !!! :0)
It's been a good 'un :-D

12. November 2003, 23:55:23
Back Soon 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Niki!!!! :o))) All the very best to you (Im glad to hear you had the day off work too!!!) :o)))

13. November 2003, 09:59:09
Subject: Re:
Thankyou Lamby :0)
I never work on my birthday.. pressie to myself :)

15. November 2003, 09:26:04
Subject: SSsshhhhhhhhhhh!! *finger upon lips*
Don't tell her I said this cause I will deny it.. *giggle*.. but, On Sunday the 16th of November.. is Foxy Lady's B-day.. :D

why not shout out a happy b-day to her! hehe..

she will be 86 :D


Click here to send her a hello..

B-day wishes

15. November 2003, 11:35:44
DeaD man WalkiN 
Subject: glad i'm still a nobudy
yep just like my so call internet friend. wow only 2 wish on my day thxs again from a newbie hehehe

15. November 2003, 11:46:51
Subject: psssst, Scarlet !!
what will we choose a present ?
a dog-lifter for the balcony maybe
could be coming in right handy in winter ... :) ~*~

15. November 2003, 18:49:37
Linda J 
Subject: Thursday November 13.....
Was mrloupcity's birthday.Happy belated birthday to you my friend.Hope your day was wonderful. :•)

16. November 2003, 22:11:58
Linda J 
Subject: Happy Birthday Wishes
Happy Birthday Foxy Lady.Have a great day.:•)

16. November 2003, 23:54:15
cya peeps 
Subject: Happy Birthday Foxy
Wishing you a much happy day!

20. November 2003, 15:17:37
hello all well i guess they want my birthday??? anyway its 02-11-67

23. November 2003, 02:24:00
Pedro Martínez 
Subject: My birthday is June 30
but today my girlfriend and I celebrate 3 years of being together...

23. November 2003, 02:43:30
Happy anniversary, Pedro & girlfriend!! (Whats her name?)

23. November 2003, 17:36:51
Pedro Martínez 
Subject: Re:
Her name is Romanka...;-)

23. November 2003, 18:26:43
Aww, lovely name, very pretty :o) Congratulations, Romanka, for putting up with him for so long ;o) (only kidding!)

I love anniversaries, I think they're really sweet :o) Well done guys, I hope you have many more happy years together :O)

24. November 2003, 02:19:48
Pedro Martínez 
Thank you, harley, you're so kind...;)

6. December 2003, 02:01:23
Happy Name-day to Nic (loggerhead), my brother-in-law! Χρόνια πολλά!

As it's the feast day of Saint Nikolaos (St Nicholas) today, December 6th, Christmas kicks off today in Greece (and other countries) so...Καλά Χριστούγεννα!

And to my wife, Σας αγαπώ.

6. December 2003, 06:14:23
Radiant2008 :-) 
Subject: Re:
Wishing you ALL the best of best wishes for this Season, bumble!! :-)

6. December 2003, 09:51:23
Subject: loggerhead
Khronia polla Niko!

6. December 2003, 10:04:39
Happy name-day, Loggerhead :oD

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