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6. May 2011, 09:17:26
Subject: Invites
I'm way over my limit of 20 games and still i get invites to new games. Why are people able to invite me, even though i do not have any slots available for new games? I hope this will be changed.

7. April 2011, 22:43:05
Subject: Re:
Also in general i think that time limits in games are too long. I consider 3 days for a move quite slow pace. In tournaments there is always someone who will use all the time available and with 3 days per move+ weekends thats just about one move for a week. I wish people would choose a little bit faster scheduling in general. Afterall theres plenty of vacation to cover for missed moves (at least for paying members).

Playing with a slow pace means that one has to sign for more games to have enough to play. And more games automatically means slower response times in any single game.

7. December 2010, 20:28:34
Subject: Re: Events - link to opponents profile
rod03801: Oh, there it is. Thanks.

7. December 2010, 17:49:57
Subject: Events - link to opponents profile
I sometimes like to check my opponents stats when game is finished. So my request is to have a link to the opponents profile page in the event informing the game has finished. The link was there before when these messages were received in message box.

20. April 2010, 22:00:37
Subject: Message about won prizes
Some brains appeared into my profile and finally i found out i had won them from a tournament. It would have been nice to receive somekind of message about winning a prize.

10. February 2010, 22:32:58
Subject: Re: Ludo with doubling cube ... There should be also option to create games and tournaments that will force autoplay on, like now with autopass at gammon games.

I also fail to see any fun in doing forced moves, there really should be an option to do those automatically. In ludo there are lots of those always, which makes it quite horrible to play in here.

21. December 2009, 21:09:00
Subject: Re: Ignore
Modified by puupia (21. December 2009, 21:10:00)
El Cid: Thanks, i never noticed that before.

Couple of questions come to mind.. How do i unhide someone i hid before? Is there a list of people i have hidden somewhere? Is this all board specific?

edit: i see the answer to those already..

21. December 2009, 21:03:59
Subject: Ignore
I would like an option to ignore someones posts from specific discussion board(s)

3. June 2009, 18:14:19
Subject: Re:
gogul: Yes the music board is a pain. I have a decent computer and decent connection also and still it is sluggish for me sometimes. So i guess it must be horrible for lower end machines and connections. And i keep adding to that by posting those embedded videos... :)

Option to show links instead of the embedded video would be good. To make it even better there should be another option to show embedded videos on unread messages and links on the older ones.

4. March 2008, 21:57:22
Subject: Dragonchess
RIP Gary Gygax

How about honoring his memory by introducing Dragonchess at BK. It's a three dimensional chess variant Gygax invented. Its played on three 8x12 boards representing the sky, the ground and the underworld.

More info:

25. September 2007, 22:43:17
Subject: Shoot as default in frog finder
In frog finder most of the moves are shots. I think shooting should be set as a default activity: So if you wanted to shoot you'd just click on the square to be shot at. And if your guessing there would be button for that just like now. It would save one pageload on most moves, totaling quite a few even on one game.

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