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25. January 2007, 17:56:24
Subject: Re: Table in Dice Poker.
  • If it is really important for some people, I can make the borders pink or with a flashing red arrow poiting to them.

  • Sometimes the distinction between the borders seem to blur on my computer and it does seem to mix up at times.  I know that this is not occurring on your end and is not really your fault, but if you could highlight it with a different color,  it would greatly be appreciated.

    25. January 2007, 02:56:11
    Subject: Re: Table in Dice Poker.
    Fencer: but isn't it the same way in backgammon , chess, ludo, and etc.  that the starting postion of the pieces are the same?  Wouldn't this be consistent with the rest of the games?

    24. January 2007, 05:14:14
    Subject: Re: Cheversi imbalance and new games in general
    BIG BAD WOLF: How about a new game variant known as Dice Cheversi?  Where you have to roll which piece to move out next?

    19. January 2007, 02:33:18
    Subject: Re: 12 feature requests.
    AbigailII: I was looking at your vacation time suggestion and wanted to mention that sometimes people might want to take a week or two in january or people might have to take 2 long trips about a month or 2 apart and need the extra time right there and then.

    7. December 2006, 03:08:14
    Subject: Re: fellowships
    srnity: I am not sure that you are worried about BKR or not but wouldn't the games be still counted for it?

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