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10. September 2017, 20:17:33
Subject: Re: You got to stop adding that potion to his Bushmill Whiskey.
Doris: It's difficult to find some in France, only in specialized stores. People don't drink this here.

10. September 2017, 02:31:34
Subject: Re: You got to stop adding that potion to his Bushmill Whiskey.
Doris: I never drank Tequila. Is it a strong alcohol ?

9. September 2017, 11:04:58
Subject: Re: You got to stop adding that potion to his Bushmill Whiskey.
Marshmud: I can't. People say that my potions have an odd taste, so I add the Geo whiskey in my potions. Like that, people love my potions, especially Geo. It's not my fault if he drinks more than the recommended quantity !

8. September 2017, 01:42:50
Subject: Re: I would not want you to help or get involved.
crosseyed: Yes, but It makes me sad when people reply to you a little hard.

8. September 2017, 01:22:34
Subject: Re: if I have problems with another player
crosseyed: Thank you ! Sorry if I don't help you on this board but I really hate to fight with people. But I understand that people want to defend their opinion. I always read the messages on the boards and make my own opinion and keep it for myself.

8. September 2017, 00:56:41
Subject: Re: if I have problems with another player
crosseyed: Not with me, it's sure.
It's always interesting when people say their opinion, even it's sometimes a fight of ideas.

8. September 2017, 00:44:11
Subject: Re:
Marshmud: Yes, certainly, but warts are very beautiful on a face, no !? But remember, I already told you " do not touch to my bottles in my kitchen ". I'm'sure you did it.

8. September 2017, 00:39:36
Subject: Re:

7. September 2017, 23:45:32
Subject: Re:
speachless: Of course you enjoy because you win !
You're lucky, I don't remember where I put my magic wand.

7. September 2017, 23:32:21
Subject: Re: god bless the folks in Florida USA.
Marshmud: I hope the hurricane will make less damage to you than in the French West Indies. 4 French dead and the islands are devastated.

See :

7. September 2017, 23:27:32
Subject: Re:
speachless: Me, I'm ok if you resign our game because you often win against me.

7. September 2017, 23:13:35
Who says that Brainking is a site not very active ? Humm, it seems to me the opposite.

7. September 2017, 01:59:47
I've been invited in a blank f/s. Witches like odd things. I thought Brainking was starting to " disconnect ".

17. May 2012, 02:22:05
Subject: Re: New Site Team Tournaments
MadMonkey: Ok with you : Scrambled Eggs

15. May 2011, 15:12:24
Subject: Re: if you like ludo
Sarah: I like Ludo......only when luck is with me.

15. May 2011, 00:23:37
Subject: Re: Fellowships : there are no "best".
Tuesday: Tuesday: Yes, I agree with you : I'm actually in 70 f/s and they all seem different to me : what they speak about on the boards, the atmosphere, the number of tournaments and the games, the players, etc....
but it's logical and human that someone says that his f/s is the best.

14. May 2011, 03:02:58
Subject: Re: Joining fellowships?
Deb4858: If you're not afraid by the witches, you can knock to the door of my castle : Spells and magic potions

14. November 2010, 14:52:20
Subject: Re: About fellowships
angelstar: Ok.

13. November 2010, 01:31:35
Subject: Re: About fellowships
angelstar: Hello.
In several f/s where I am, some people reproach you to join stairs and games and not to go at the end of the game, they say you just play 1 or 2 moves and that's all.
As I've just read their opinion, I'd like to read yours. Why do you begin many many games if you can't finish them ?
I specify you've already lost several games with me, either by default or lack of time, after only a few moves.

12. November 2010, 17:15:13
Subject: Re: fellowships
angelstar: No stairs in my f/s : I don't like and nobody asked me some.

2. November 2010, 05:22:37
Subject: New fellowship
It's Halloween and I've created my f/s : Spells and magic potions
Everybody is invited to join it and will be welcome.

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