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Here's the castle of the witch Mélusine. To go into, you must be invited. In the mysterious castle you can enjoy the magic beverages and even try the broom of Mélusine. However, the witch hates being disturbed while she is making her potions, so if you shout too loud, are not polite with the other members, she'll get angry and with her magic wand she will change you into an ugly and slobbery toad and you'll go to play to another pond.

Voici le château de la sorcière Mélusine. Pour y entrer il faut y être invité. Dans le château mystérieux vous pourrez goûter aux breuvages magiques et même essayer le balai de Mélusine. Cependant, la sorcière déteste être dérangée pendant qu'elle fabrique ses potions, donc si vous criez trop fort, êtes impoli avec les autres, elle va se fâcher et d'un coup de baguette magique elle vous transformera en crapaud laid et baveux et vous irez jouer dans une autre mare.

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Mélusine  Big Boss
BadBoy7  Little Boss
NascarFan814  manager
 Mousetrap  member
Sakura  member
MadMonkey  member
Watson  member
BElanna  member
 Slavka  member
beach  member
Doris  member
MrDelete  member
rod03801  member
♥♫βaβyĢіґŁŁє♫♥  member
Chimera  member
SolidGold  member
tenuki  member
Sarah  member
BigBen  member
Universal Eyes  member
 jbravo  member
aaru  member
 Crosseyed Mary  member
Good Luck :)FLR  member
playBunny  member
Gouwe gozer  member
ajtgirl  member
gambler104  member
Bwild  member
varkala  member
Papa Zoom  member
PlanetRuler  member
 dr. martanek  member
omega3007  member
jack33  member
idko  member
Petromil  member
§trawberry  member
japajka  member
mellon  member
 bert515  member
Ehja  member
Snoopy  member
Gamar  member
Danika  member
 ksenofont  member
painter  member
ChEmIsT  member
alilsassy  member
 Taffazzi  member
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