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29. May 2008, 18:25:01
Subject: Anyone care for
Frog Finder? SR is 44

2. August 2007, 19:42:15
Subject: We need some team mates to enter in Fencers Site Tourney!

I am just tinkering around the site this morning.. and noticed we are still in need of players for our teams..

  • Amazons (3)

  • Sphere Froglet (0)

  • Dice Poker (3)

  • Triple Dice Poker (2)

  • Frog Finder (1)

  • Logik (2)

  • Mancala (3)

If you are on a team already in another fellowship.. and that team is rather full, you might consider switching over to our fellowship to help build it up..

If you have a free slot and would be interested.. please join.. Lost Time

Thanks.. and have a wonderful weekend..

21. July 2007, 08:02:49
Subject: Mancala and team tourneys..

Hi .. I am trying to build up my fellowship teams and would like to invite you to my fellowship. I currently am trying to build up Mancala. If you are interested you could follow the link I posted at the bottom of this note and visit the fellowship to see whether or not it is for you..

Some of the teams we are trying to build up.. We are also in need of team captains.. so here is your chance to be a captain as well..

  • Amazons

  • Sphere Froglet

  • Dice Poker

  • Triple Poker

  • Frog Finder

  • Logik

  • Mancala

We also have a run in the dark pond which is still needing a few more players.. Mineral Bath

Lost Time


24. June 2007, 17:11:13
Subject: Open To All!

Come join in the fun and the spirit of

☼‡☼ Lost In Time ☼‡☼

Rebirth - Holding onto the Dayz of Spring

We also offer a Pond to sign up for..

Mineral Bath if you fall in.. the minerals give you endless life..


2. March 2006, 20:43:03
Subject: BBW
hello.. just wanted to post a reminder that I challenged your team for Amazons at the Frogazons 4 Plus Fellowship to a Tourney, you are the captain.. I am the captain of the PH Camaraderie.. Didn't know if you had noticed the challenge or not..

24. February 2006, 02:47:41
Subject: Re: in desperate need of 3 more players :o(
Stevie: Just one more needed!

18. February 2006, 00:25:45
Subject: Re:
Czuch Chuckers: Exactly!!!

12. February 2006, 08:58:23
Subject: Re: Elimination tournaments
Pioneer54: *theme from Twilight Zone fills the room*

*waits patiently for answer*

30. January 2006, 06:12:58
Subject: Congrats to imsoaddicted for being #1
at Dark Battleboats in the tourney Scarlets Springtime Follies".

28. January 2006, 16:47:34
Subject: Let's hear it for Ice Princess
Modified by ScarletRose (28. January 2006, 16:48:33)
She is the winner of my Backgammon "Scarlets Springtime Follies".

Congratulations on games well played.

26. January 2006, 16:07:24
Subject: Way to go Team Bundy for your earnings of Champ
In my recent Tourney Scarlet Spring Follies.. :)

Thanks for your participation

23. January 2006, 03:44:21
Subject: Not even 5 hours left to sign up.. hurry on over..
For anyone who enjoys a face paced tourney.. Please.. I wish to offer it to those who will play continuously.. not just one turn a day ..

°°·.,,.·°¤`'¤¸`°´`°«*Scarlets Springtime Follies*»¸.¤°´`°'¤¸¤´¤°·.,,.·°°

22. January 2006, 17:30:09
°°·.,,.·°¤`'¤¸`°´`°«*Scarlets Springtime Follies*»¸.¤°´`°'¤¸¤´¤°·.,,.·°°

21. January 2006, 09:26:50
Subject: Re: Prizes for Tournaments
JMDLOVESNirvana: I believe in the past players have had monetary prizes.. but, that money has to be collected by Fencer first.. before the tourney will start..

14. November 2005, 08:49:55
Subject: Re:
HalfPawn: hello halfpawn.. What part of the world do you reside?

19. October 2005, 01:36:35
Subject: Re:
Antje: Perhaps that person who felt that way should relook.. maybe it was someone else who timed??

11. October 2005, 03:59:31
Subject: Re:
DanDanDan: Wow.. Maybe a Worlds Record?? :)

27. August 2005, 17:35:51
Subject: Re:
ClayNashvilleTn: heck... just confront and forgive the skeletons in your closet and you will see a more youthful appearance month after month..

24. August 2005, 00:52:03
Subject: Re: September 26th, 2002 - 20:50:55
Modified by ScarletRose (24. August 2005, 04:51:58)
BIG BAD WOLF: Must be awful.. I would consult AD as to what to do to get rid of it.. *blush*

19. August 2005, 16:45:03
Subject: Re: Alexis has agreed to meet with the winner,
Grim Reaper: Cause there is no prize such as "Win a Date with a Stud Muffin" and cause I don't feel comfy with my level of ability in checkers.. *blush*

19. August 2005, 05:46:06
Subject: Re: Alexis has agreed to meet with the winner,
Grim Reaper: Hmm.. you know.. I would love to help out at least be a part of the tourney.. but, I wouldn't be interested in your prize.. Sorry..

11. August 2005, 04:28:24
Subject: Re:
Nirvana: thankyou Nirvana..

10. August 2005, 16:58:20
I joined in on the Scrabble.. hello to all in there.. and *Waves to Nobel*

5. August 2005, 16:26:43
Geez peeps you say that as though there have always been perfect tourneys.. haha..

1. April 2005, 16:33:22
Subject: Congratulations Goes to Ed Trice
The winner of Scarlets Winter Wonderland at the Amazon Island

And a big thanks to all who joined in..

28. February 2005, 15:42:11
Subject: Congrats Oldhamgirl on winning the
Scarlets Winter Wonderland at Sea (Battleboats Plus Tourney.. Whoo hoo.. You go girl!!

4. February 2005, 09:35:51
Subject: Re:
Luke Skywalker: The tourney itself is still running?? right??

14. December 2004, 02:21:24
Subject: Scarlets Winter Wonderland!!

Only ONE more Day to sign up!☺

      Come Sail Away!!

        Come Sail Away!!

          Come Sail Away with Me!!

26. November 2004, 05:24:29
Subject: Congrats goes to JASON
for his win in August Power of the Amazons

Good Job.. :)

12. November 2004, 03:28:16
Subject: Hey there Slammies

5. November 2004, 22:59:30
Subject: Re:
Yes.. I should have guessed.. men generally try to make women think something is larger or bigger than it really is.. for example with a road map.. they try to convince everyone that an inch is equal to a mile.. lol

5. November 2004, 17:09:43
I thought 16 oz was a pound... Hmmm..

22. October 2004, 19:49:04
Subject: But don't they lose more points
the higher their rating is, when they lose?

20. October 2004, 01:37:11
Subject: Re: Hey Andersp!!!
Congrats on such a high Rank AD.. you worked hard for it.. and you deserve it!! :D

20. October 2004, 00:25:27
Subject: Typical

27. September 2004, 09:50:29
Subject: Okay.. what fellowship needs a
player for reversi 8X8 I am game now..

11. March 2004, 08:02:22
Subject: Okay.. I have a question..
The other day Fencer sent me a message saying all sections were complete in a tourney I held called.. "ScarletRose's Tribute to 911". My problem is.. this was the 2nd round and it looks as if the three of us all tied up.. How do we break the tie??

30. January 2004, 08:36:33
Subject: Congratulations Harley!!
For a tourney well played!!

She placed first in
Scarlets Silent Night Serenity (Reversi 6x6)

15. December 2003, 16:43:51
Subject: Last Chance to Join Reversi 6X6
This tourney will be Started up Later this Afternoon.. Early evening..

Scarlets Silent Night Serenity

Open to any and all players.. Hurry.. deadline to sign up is Dec. 15th.. Hope to see you there!

12. December 2003, 05:00:17
Subject: Reversi 6X6
Scarlets Silent Night Serenity

Open to any and all players.. Hurry.. deadline to sign up is Dec. 15th.. Hope to see you there!

27. November 2003, 07:13:57
Subject: Zuggie dear.. I know exactly what the prob is..
I was once a web tv user.. and was having so many problems as well.. When I bought a new box.. it seemed to go away.. I don't exactly know the techincal term.. but, it has something to do with the users digits!!

:) Go get a new box..

15. November 2003, 04:36:57
Subject: One question..
With that $50.00 entrance fee.. would there be something in writting for those who enter the tournament which entitles those entrants to a full refund if another crash were to interrupt their play again? And do you offer a form in writting to those who do enter outlining the award to the winner.. or is this supposed to be taken at face value..?

Just curious..

Cathryn.. ;)

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