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Late Easter - Starts: 1st May

Selected games, single game round robin May 24ᵗʰ - Starts: 24th May

Team Tournaments

May 2022 - Dice Chess 2 - Starts: 31st May

June 2022 - Dice Poker 2 - Starts June 13th

June 2022 - Knight Fight 2 - Starts June 27th (Need at least ONE more team)

July 2022 - Logik 2 - Starts July 4th

July 2022 - Hyper Backgammon 2 - Starts July 15th

July 2022 - Battleboats Plus 2 - Starts July 29th

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3. November 2021, 00:42:08
Subject: Re:
rod03801: Short is great with the holidays around the corner. Make it a holiday prize tournament. I have a couple planned. Had to get a ok from fencer, ( cant be done manually) but one of my ideas is all 3 ponds, and the average placement ( with points for the top 5 places in each pond) and the highest ranking player ( of all 3 ponds combined) receives a 6 month rook. A two day pond would be completed by end of this year. Maybe BGBedlam and the Multigammon Mayhem gang would like to run it? We did have near 30 contestants in the last one.

I think a prize tournament to play randomly of our most popular games would be nice. we could even run a poll to see what the top 5 games are. So for now its open for discussion, but lets get them ready to sign up this week if possible.

not sure, waiting for mad monkey but the DEC 2021 site backgammon tournament may be converted to a prize tournament, but after we all talk about it, we may change and just start a whole new game type for around xmas to start.

3. November 2021, 02:19:27
Clandestine 1 
Subject: Re:
Marshmud:<span> Jim, I’ll match your prize for the winning team. 
My thoughts are a tournament Separate from the tournaments that Ian just created. 
9 point doubling cube, 5 man team tournament. 3 days per move, with no days off.
My question would be more about if Fencer would be willing and able to divide the prizes for the winning team. 

I posted this to the BK chat board,  but more appropriate to discuss here. 

3. November 2021, 02:24:26
Clandestine 1 
Subject: Re:
Marshmud: also, if you want to keep it as a holiday tournament, use the Fischer clock to insure speedy play. Otherwise you get characters like me that move at a turtles pace 

3. November 2021, 06:21:01
Subject: Re:
Marshmud: I actually don't mind running a Pond thing. I have recently decided to stop doing the yearly pond tournament, but I wouldn't mind hosting another pond tournament if it's a one off.

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