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12. July 2019, 17:13:56
Clandestine 1 
Subject: Is this a bug?

Frog Finder (ouna vs. Clandestine 1)

I’m not sure if I’m missing something here, but I’m up on my opponent 20-14 with each of us having one frog left. He guesses and scores 7 points for the win? I thought it was only 5 points per frog. Am I missing something or is this a little buggy?

12. July 2019, 17:29:10
Subject: Re: Is this a bug?
Clandestine 1:

From the rules :

The game ends when all frogs of one player are revealed on the board (no matter if they were shot or guessed). The other player gets a bonus of 2 points and 1 point for each own frog which was not found by the opponent.

So, I only took a quick glance at your game, but he had 14 points before the move. He got 5 for finding your frog, 2 points bonus for it being the last frog, and 1 bonus point for the 1 frog he had left. So that would bring him to 22 points.

12. July 2019, 20:12:10
Clandestine 1 
Subject: Re: Is this a bug?
Modified by Clandestine 1 (12. July 2019, 20:12:30)
rod03801: ahh, I see. I didn’t understand the rules but I get it now. 

Thanks for the clarity

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