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2. January 2009, 19:20:48
Subject: Probably a stupid question.
Ok, this is probably a stupid question. I have re-looked at the rules, and I still can't figure it out.

In this game, Racing Kings (Tycho vs. rod03801) , why can I not move my knight? I can move every other piece, except that one.

Sorry for wasting anyone's time, if the answer is obvious!

3. January 2009, 10:12:32
Subject: Re: Probably a stupid question.
rod03801: The black knight is pinned: if it moved the bishop would put the white king in check, which is illegal in this game - very counterintuitive for a chess game! Sort of like a reverse pin! :-)

3. January 2009, 16:21:47
Subject: Re: Probably a stupid question.
agentofchaos: Ahh yes. I see now. Thank you very much.

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