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 Racing Kings

Discuss about Racing Kings game or find new opponents.

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7. May 2009, 18:48:44
Subject: draw
probably not opening often, but is stalemate a draw here too?

11. January 2009, 08:21:39
Subject: Re: Bug?
joshi tm: Black can only draw if their king can reach the 8th rank immediately after white does. This was not possible in this position so there is no reason for black to get another move. I think this shows the script is enforcing the rules.

10. January 2009, 22:12:50
joshi tm 
Subject: Bug?
Look at this game:
Koningsrace (joshi tm - Hannelore)
Shouldn't Black get another move befor I win? Or is the BK script so smart that she was chanceless in this game to draw?

3. January 2009, 16:21:47
Subject: Re: Probably a stupid question.
agentofchaos: Ahh yes. I see now. Thank you very much.

3. January 2009, 10:12:32
Subject: Re: Probably a stupid question.
rod03801: The black knight is pinned: if it moved the bishop would put the white king in check, which is illegal in this game - very counterintuitive for a chess game! Sort of like a reverse pin! :-)

2. January 2009, 19:20:48
Subject: Probably a stupid question.
Ok, this is probably a stupid question. I have re-looked at the rules, and I still can't figure it out.

In this game, Racing Kings (Tycho vs. rod03801) , why can I not move my knight? I can move every other piece, except that one.

Sorry for wasting anyone's time, if the answer is obvious!

1. January 2009, 13:50:53
Subject: Re:
Fencer: I often like to play Be4 as my 1st move, although I can't say if this is the best move or not! As black I usually reply to this move with Ka3, protecting the rook.
Thanks for introducing this game, I think it's a great addition! :-)

29. December 2008, 12:43:24
Subject: Re:
joshi tm: Ah, got it. Well, I usually start with king (as white). But I am not sure if it is the best strategy.

29. December 2008, 12:41:00
joshi tm 
Modified by joshi tm (29. December 2008, 12:41:13)
I meant "R". T is the Dutch notation ;) pardon me ;)

29. December 2008, 12:31:19
Subject: Re: Racing Kings strategy...
joshi tm: What is "Tg3"?

29. December 2008, 11:27:34
joshi tm 
Subject: Racing Kings strategy...
Interesting. But what to play first? Tg3 or Kg3 or something else? too much possibilities...

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