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    19. July 2011, 07:36:56
    Subject: Re: FIFA Women's World Cup 2011 FINAL shame i could not vote in it

    everytime i clicked to vote
    came up has if i hadnt so gave up in the end

    23. July 2010, 09:26:09
    Subject: Re: Coan i like the sound of Aaru suggestion of fav game on BK
    thou saying that it take forever to set up with over 100 different games

    21. July 2010, 07:40:07
    Subject: Coan
    any ideas on the next poll
    its been nearly 3

    1. June 2010, 00:07:51
    Subject: Re: Coan okay got the first part now i just have to bug you for another 75 polls then im

    31. May 2010, 23:52:10
    Subject: Re: Coan good job i got a life long membership then

    31. May 2010, 23:43:58
    Subject: Re: Coan OMG thats going to take years to get

    31. May 2010, 23:38:52
    Subject: Re: Coan where is this 100 achievement i dont see it
    or are you winding me up

    31. May 2010, 22:52:54
    Subject: Coan
    alot of us still need one more poll to get the achievement pretty please

    7. May 2010, 00:37:55
    Subject: Re: Anonymous or Public

    6. May 2010, 08:12:32
    Subject: Re: Anonymous or Public
    Modified by Snoopy (6. May 2010, 08:12:45) another quick one would be great has i still need one more to get the achievement then i can finally shut up about them..

    6. May 2010, 00:30:35
    Subject: Re: Anonymous or Public yeah thanks i caught that one remembered to turn option back

    24. April 2010, 17:17:27
    Subject: Re: Pizza Toppings 25 really it only takes me to 23
    guess i missed some when i had showing polls on my main page turned off and you didnt post them here

    10. February 2010, 16:16:31
    Subject: Re: Coan
    Modified by Snoopy (10. February 2010, 16:27:12)
    rod03801: cheers didnt know i had to click a

    ha right now i know why i turned it off in the first place has you get fellowship polls to that dont interest you

    10. February 2010, 14:25:00
    Subject: Coan
    why wasnt this poll advertised on this board

    if i had missed it i would of been really p---d off

    its taken nearly 5 months since i last made a comment about how slow these polls are

    i expect then to get this achievement in the year 2020 if im lucky

    in fact i will consider i already have this achievement along with the interviews one has they ground to a halt to and the mod on that board wont say why

    28. October 2009, 14:30:53
    Subject: Re:
    MadMonkey: i second that

    19. October 2009, 18:30:10
    Subject: Coan
    am i thinking that you dont like my idea then

    this is turning into a really hard achievement to

    18. October 2009, 14:51:16
    Subject: Re: Olympics 2016 how about a poll to name our dragon
    we could nominate some names first before you set the poll

    i go with Spyro

    2. October 2009, 19:53:01
    Subject: Re: Olympics 2016 Rio gets it

    30. September 2009, 00:38:09
    Subject: i really like to
    get this achievement but need another 6 polls

    21. July 2009, 23:26:51
    Subject: Re: shame there wernt can i say first im really happy to see that only 2 were created for the month of August which is holiday season for most on BK
    and i also think if Fencer includes the ability to move to next round in BK 3 and hopefully also include subs to will shut me up on the subject

    i understand what your saying to
    and of course ive got to abide by the creators and Fencer on this
    but saying that i also feel that im also has a paying member of the site entitled to have a say on the subject to

    20. July 2009, 18:10:05
    Subject: shame there wernt
    more options to vote on in this poll

    has the one im running in my fellowship is gaving us a very different answer

    28. April 2009, 12:18:14
    Subject: Coan
    we need some more polls so we can get the achievement

    9. November 2008, 19:24:52
    Subject: i know this an old request
    and nothing to do with card games but i still love to see a new battleboat variety on here

    6. November 2008, 18:49:56
    Subject: this is one of my fav card games

    13. August 2008, 15:37:47
    Subject: my suggestion
    Modified by Snoopy (13. August 2008, 15:38:31)
    wheter ludo auto pass and move should be introduced
    or not
    or dont care

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