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Discuss about the Mancala game or find new opponents.

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20. January 2009, 09:38:00
Baked Alaskan 
Subject: Variations
Like most games, there are many different variations to Mancala.

28. July 2007, 06:36:16
Baked Alaskan 
Subject: Re:
Wow, whats up with that game?  LOL  
Its impossible to have a one move game and win in Mancala 

3. June 2007, 21:47:24
Baked Alaskan 
Subject: Re: About the rules

2. June 2007, 12:39:10
Baked Alaskan 
Subject: Re: About the rules

The rules are not wrong, just a different variation of the mnay hundreds of ways to play the game.
Here is one example Click Here     Look at rule 7 where it says U can play both ways.
I can find other sites also, but just figured I would add my 2 ¢  that the rules here at BK are not wrong, just different.  

I play Mancala at home and the instructions that came with the game also have the same exact rules as that are implemented here at BK.

Rather than change the rules, lets just have different variations of the game.  There are many to choose from. (oware comes to mind)

19. April 2007, 09:43:22
Baked Alaskan 
Subject: Re: Finish when its over.
joshi tm:

Yes, I concur

19. April 2007, 00:52:19
Baked Alaskan 
Subject: Re: About the rules

I dunno  LOL
My home game version says "Mancala" on the box and the instruction manual has 3 or 4 different variations of games on it but cant find the manual to give the names of the variations.
Sorry, no help 

19. April 2007, 00:50:01
Baked Alaskan 
Subject: Re: Finish when its over.
I concur, game should be over as soon as 25 points received...  No point in going any longer.

17. April 2007, 23:55:49
Baked Alaskan 
Subject: Re: About the rules
This is a known variation.
Here is one example   Its">
also the basic rules for the home version I have.
There are many many many variations of this game but I think this is the easiest and was a good one to start with here. Fencer can always add the other variations later on.

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