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 Five in Line

Discuss about five in line game or find new opponents. (Also Pro and Swap five in line discussion.)

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17. December 2011, 18:59:23
Subject: Swap five in Line unbalanced
I wonder why the game of Swap five in Line is so unbalanced: more than 60% won by black.

And who is 'black' in this statistic? The player who places black stones / crosses, as it says literally, or (IMO more logical) the player who starts the game by placing the first 3 stones?

1. February 2011, 07:26:04
Subject: Looking for a Pro Five in a Line game
Anyone want to play? Send me an invite. 5 days, rated, 2 games match. Thanks. :)

20. September 2008, 15:08:00
Subject: Five in line team
We need people to join our five in line team in The GBU Fellowship.
Pm me and ask for an invite if you are interested. This is a fun and friendly Fellowship.

5. April 2008, 20:09:09

27. March 2008, 20:22:13
Subject: 800
Pls sign up -> 800 ;) single elimination for 8, Fisher's clock 3/0.8/15 with autopass

Line4 - I need 6 players more
Anti Line4 - 7
Linetris - 6
Swap Five in Line - 2
Lines of Action - 2
Scrambled Eggs - 3
Grasshopper - 7
Battleboats - 4
Triple Dice Poker - 3
Frog Legs - 4
Triple Dice Poker 6D - 3

12. January 2008, 13:25:33
Subject: 700
Pls sign up -> 700 ;) single elimination for 8, F/C 3/0.8/15
Anty Line4 - 2
Linetris - 1
Small Pente - 1
Small Keryo Pente - 2
Open Keryo Pente - 1
Five in Line Pro - 3
Five in Line Swap - 2
Lines of Action - 1
Battleboats - 2

5. December 2007, 23:31:30
joshi tm 
Subject: Re: Mini Gomoku
Modified by joshi tm (5. December 2007, 23:31:59)
Chaosu: I always like more toys on BK to play with :)

4. December 2007, 09:24:24
Subject: Re: To rednaz23
okjb: I apologize! I told you I accidentally had you on block, I have no one on block and have never had to... so why would I block you? I think it was because I accidently clicked it when I was looking at your profile...

Anyways, I am interested in playing some C5... send me an invite if you are interested also!


Phil (rednaz23)

12. September 2007, 13:33:57
Do You like it?

8. September 2007, 15:13:16
joshi tm 
Subject: Re:
Chaosu: Playing on a bigger board won't change. Playing on a smaller board absolutely changes the game.

7. September 2007, 23:43:49
playing it on bigger/smaller board should make extacly same difference as in standard/pro/swap game

7. September 2007, 23:43:48
playing it on bigger/smaller board should make extacly same difference as in standard/pro/swap game

7. September 2007, 23:43:03
standard swap board 15x15

7. September 2007, 06:40:49
joshi tm 
Subject: Re:
Chaosu: What size has the ''Mini Gomoku'' (Small Line5) board?

7. September 2007, 00:04:59
By the way, if You are five in a line player, try this:
game is called 'mini gomoku' invented by one of top polish players (Adifek):
rules are swap five in a line, but each player put new stones only during first 15 moves (30 moves total), after that, in next turn you pick up one stone and put it in other place (no more 'new' stones on board)
moves that doesn't win:
you have 6 stones in a row and you pick up one, this isn't winning move

draw is after 70 moves (first 15 putting + 55 moving)
or when position on board is repeated three times in 6 next moves

6. September 2007, 17:11:03
joshi tm 
Subject: Re: Proposition for the new game similar to Connect6 and Renju
okjb: Ask Fencer to implement it. such a detaillic desciption of this game should do the trick.

8. July 2007, 11:16:22
Subject: To rednaz23
To rednaz23

Thank you for your interest to play Connect5. Unfortunately, I can't invite you too and also I can't even reply to your message since you ignore me. :)

1. July 2007, 16:07:14

17. May 2007, 06:44:43
Subject: The first Connect5 match has started.
The first Connect5 match has started.
Connect6 (okjb vs. nodnarbo)

15. May 2007, 23:45:57
Subject: Re: Proposition for the new game similar to Connect6 and Renju
okjb: sounds like a good game

15. May 2007, 21:15:25
Subject: Proposition for the new game similar to Connect6 and Renju
Proposition for the new game similar to Connect6 and Renju

The game "Connect5"

The rules are the same as in Connect6 with two differences:
1. It is necessary to place FIVE or more pieces in a solid row vertically, horizontally or diagonally.
2. It is prohibited for each players during the same move to put both pieces at the same line (vertical, horizontal or diagonal).

The game is more close to Renju/Gomoku since it is necessary to place FIVE pieces in a row (not 6 as in Connect6).
The three is not a threat to win in one move but it is necessary to close three from at least one side (if there is no own forced play). So, the game is similar to Gomoku/Renju, moreover, as rule, the playing is going at two flanks simultaneously.
There exist wins by means of "fouls", for example, if to place by one move two fours such that the defending points are on the same line. In some sense, it is similar to fouls in Renju.
It is very hard to win in early opening since to defend to more easy than to attack in the case of small number of pieces on the board. Therefore, the knowlenge of the opening theory has not significance. But in the case of big number of pieces on the board the possibilities for attacks are growing strongly because of "fouls" ideas.

The implementation of this game is very easy on the base of Connect6.

For Czech players: If you are interested in this game, please, translate this text for Czech forum.

11. December 2006, 13:14:23
I know but this year I am going to pass 'matura' exam and i don't have much time : )
But I'll make some progres before New Year for sure.

11. December 2006, 11:25:08
Subject: Re:
Chaosu: Finish the Polish localization and nobody would have to.

6. December 2006, 21:26:47
I can if someone will pay me a membership : )

5. December 2006, 21:19:43
Subject: 5 in line
Modified by Mousetrap (5. December 2006, 21:20:07)
Could do with one or more people to join our five in line team. If you are not already in a team and are interested please join up and enter our team and any other line team you are interested in. Fellowship is The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Thanks very much!

18. July 2006, 02:58:22
Subject: The Official Lines Fellowship
Do you like to play line games or want to learn? If you do, you should join the Official Lines Fellowship! We have line teams for almost every game as well as tourneys coming more and more! Sign up if you would like to join for teams, tourneys, lots of games, and the chance to better your game!

16. July 2006, 01:26:17
Subject: GoMoku Programs
What are the top 5 in a row (gomoku) programs available to download or purchase online ?

I don't play in Brainking so don't worry about me cheating :)

25. April 2006, 01:16:41
Subject: five in a line
Any high ranked players (like 1900 and above) want to play two games (one black start and one white start), send me an invite!

23. January 2006, 03:19:30
Subject: 4.5 hours before it begins.. hurry on in!
For anyone who enjoys a face paced tourney.. Please.. I wish to offer it to those who will play continuously.. not just one turn a day ..

°°·.,,.·°¤`'¤¸`°´`°«*Scarlets Springtime Follies*»¸.¤°´`°'¤¸¤´¤°·.,,.·°°

31. July 2005, 13:00:22
Subject: Renju World Championship

20. July 2005, 09:17:06
Luke Skywalker 
Subject: Re:
Pedro Martínez, Hrqls: Thanks for speaking up for me. What you say (about the program and the testing) is exactly correct.
It's easy to test the program myself, but during testing I'll make the same errors (sort of, if you are a programmer you'll know how to read that statement) as during programming, so it is worthwhile to get some independent test data. Or what do you think is the reason that m$ releases so many buggy "operating systems"?

And, on the other hand, what's wrong about letting the program play here? You don't need to play it if you don't want. I state clearly in the profile and in the game invitations that its a program. I don't cheat with it. Luke Sywalker doesn't use the program to help with the moves, and R2D2 only makes the moves from the program, even if I (the person) know that the moves are complete crap.

19. July 2005, 20:39:46
Subject: Re:
Modified by Hrqls (20. July 2005, 08:33:35)
Pedro Martínez: *nod* and luke isnt easy to beat .. just ask darth vader ;)

the program rocks at tic-tac-toe .. i wasnt able to win against it :)

edited to add 'nt' :)

19. July 2005, 16:40:23
Pedro Martínez 
I'm no expert but I think the more people it plays the more data Luke can gather in order to improve the program. If he plays against it just by himself, the program might learn how to beat Luke but not more advanced players.

19. July 2005, 15:55:21
eagle eye 
Subject: Re: computer
Pedro Martínez: the author should test the program in the very beginning :) it's not THAT complicated. Luke Skywalker manually enter each move from the opponent, so he can play against his program until it wins against him, and once it's done share with the crowd. Don’t you think so?

18. July 2005, 23:31:18
Pedro Martínez 
Subject: Re: computer
eagle eye: Why would it be better to test it somewhere else?

18. July 2005, 19:07:32
eagle eye 
Subject: Re: computer
Luke Skywalker: why do you test it here then??? I think you better to test it somewhere else... but it's up to you anyway...

18. July 2005, 18:49:26
Luke Skywalker 
Subject: Re: computer
eagle eye: no, the progam doesn't post; it's me. it also doesn't read the web sites and post moves automatically; I'm operating it, feeding it the moves of the opponents and relaying its moves back to brainking.

The only thing the program can do is play five in line (and pro), and it can't do this very well. That game was from the previous version, in the meantime I've improved it and it plays much better now (but still very bad. at least it doesn't move in the corner now).

18. July 2005, 18:34:18
eagle eye 
Subject: Re: computer
Luke Skywalker: program that can post to the forums ??? AI on BK :-)))... oh, well.... after looking on this game I have no more comments.

18. July 2005, 17:57:40
Luke Skywalker 
Subject: Re: computer
Jason: R2D2 is a program that is run and created by Luke Skywaker

18. July 2005, 17:44:39
Subject: Re: computer
eagle eye: R2D2 is a program that is run or created by Luke Skywaker

18. July 2005, 15:48:37
Subject: Re: computer
eagle eye: myself.

18. July 2005, 15:41:27
eagle eye 
Subject: Re: computer
R2D2: o.4 ? what program you are talking about:)?

18. July 2005, 15:27:55
Subject: computer
I have been upgraded to version 0.4, but I'm still very weak. I now play Five in Line and Pro Five in Line

9. July 2005, 17:03:57
Stevie. Advanced players could easily win if starting without using programs. So it could be a problem (anyway solved by making pro and swap.

1. July 2005, 08:47:26
Subject: program
Who wants to play against a program? The current version is very weak, it doesn't even build threats and only knows how to block threes.

2. May 2005, 09:35:41
Subject: Re: 1sat move always wins
Nothingness: thats why there is also pro five in line and swap five in line .. as well as pente and its variations

always play a 2 games with different colors with the same opponent and you wont have any flaws :)

30. April 2005, 09:39:44
Subject: Re: 1sat move always wins
Nothingness: and?
Programmes are not allowed on BK so it shouldnt be a problem LOL

30. April 2005, 02:34:10
Subject: 1sat move always wins
5 line is slightly flawed, a top program will "NEVER" lose if it gets to go first. There is a significant advantage to going 1st in this game. Essentially it is a forced win for the person who goes first.

12. April 2005, 17:17:50
lol :)

hmm if someone could setup an easy server to test this out ..... ;)

12. April 2005, 16:10:13
i hope not lol

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