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6. April 2010, 15:54:04
Subject: Re: Taktik in Logic?
thanks, nabla :)

6. April 2010, 15:42:13
Subject: Re: Taktik in Logic?
Modified by nabla (6. April 2010, 15:43:01)
The13: Try that if you are mathematically versed (or if you want a fun way of learning what entropy is).

1. April 2010, 13:53:24
Subject: Taktik in Logic?
Can I read somewhere what the best strategy / taktics is to solve the code fast(er)?

26. October 2009, 17:16:17
joshi tm 
Subject: Shortest game/Longest game?
Modified by joshi tm (26. October 2009, 17:16:24)
Well, here's a 1-win match but with three draws befor I could win it...
Logica (joshi tm - sitnalta)

29. October 2008, 12:06:58
Subject: Re: Question
Rose: Next step is a game where both players guess the code at their first turn.

29. October 2008, 01:41:50
Subject: Re: Question
Pedro Martínez: Unbelievable!!! LOL no luck there.. hahaha

29. October 2008, 01:38:53
Pedro Martínez 
Subject: Re: Question

18. October 2008, 00:21:43
Subject: Re: Question
Rose: I think it game-in-1 has been posted several months ago. And considering that there are only 32768 different codes, and 41817 games have been played, one would expect 2 - 3 games where the code was solved on the first try.

17. October 2008, 22:47:36
Subject: Question

Is this a record or has someone done it in 1?

3. July 2008, 10:40:51
Subject: Re: Scrolling through games in a multi-game match
rod03801: Thanks:-)

2. July 2008, 12:49:07
Subject: Re: Scrolling through games in a multi-game match
DarwinKoala: If you scroll down in the game, you will see a table with the results of the games thus far. Just click the "1" "2" or "3" to see that individual game of the match.

2. July 2008, 11:10:06
Subject: Scrolling through games in a multi-game match
Is there any way of scrolling through the finished games in a multi-game match? The match (in this case 10 games) has not finished, but I want to review the first few games.



4. May 2008, 04:21:05
Subject: New game proposal: Liar's logik
I thought this variant up myself, but after I thought of it, I also saw a reference to it as a modification of Mastermind in a journal paper somewhere. The idea is that after Player 1 submits their guess, Player 2 submits their guess and also has the option of choosing the number of black and white pegs seen by Player 1 for their guess (so the response could be a lie). Each player would only get one lie per game. Also, obviously if the code was guessed correctly, no lie could be used.

Tristrom Cooke

25. April 2008, 15:13:00
Subject: Player average
The average number of moves needed to break the opponent's code would be an excellent measure of the playing strength. But is there a statistical way to compute it ?

I couldn't think of a way of accounting for the lost games, which doesn't mean that there isn't any way to do it.

2. February 2008, 10:32:30
Subject: Re: color blind
Modified by nabla (2. February 2008, 10:33:22)
Puckish: The response is one month old, but it is a positive one ! You can now have numbers on top of the Logik pegs by selecting it in your settings page

2. January 2008, 01:26:09
Subject: color blind
please help me with grey and pink i can't tell them apart at all i have to get my girls to tell me

13. September 2007, 12:05:02
Subject: Re:
mangue: OK, I'll make it a way in the feature requests board before my eyes go berserk.

13. September 2007, 11:51:58
Subject: Re:
AbigailII: hard to distinguish between gray and white ? Yes, terribly hard, it makes the game almost unplayable. My vote for numbers tips like in Mancala

3. August 2007, 16:24:12
Subject: Re:
AbigailII: Aargh, I would never be able to play giant Logic with colours, whatever the colours chosen :-)
But yes, an alternate piece set would be nice ! Otherwise, something should be done about this grey colour. Orange would be OK if well half-way between yellow and red, green a bit more problematic for colour-blinds. A darker grey would probably do it for everybody.
Anyway, a set with letters or numbers would be great. There are probably people who are more colour-blind than me here.

3. August 2007, 16:11:30
Subject: Re:
nabla: Colour number 4 is gray. The colours, in order, are: black, blue, brown, gray, pink, red, white, yellow. Which is the same order you find them in a dictionary.

3. August 2007, 16:08:16
Subject: Re:
Serendipity: Indeed, the colours are: white, gray, brown, blue, black, red, yellow and pink. My preference would be to replace gray with green (or perhaps orange), as I sometimes find it hard to distinguish between gray and white. But who knows, perhaps one day we'll see 'Giant Logic' with green, light-blue, orange, purple, beige, maroon and violet as additionally colours.

Having said that, perhaps we could have alternative game pieces for Logic; for instance balls with numbers or letters (in contrasting colours, black letters on white balls for instance). We have game piece options for other games as well.

3. August 2007, 16:01:56
Subject: Re:
Serendipity: :-)
Light blue ? Light grey ? Colour number 4 on the list. By pink I meant colour number 5.

3. August 2007, 15:57:17
Modified by Serendipity (3. August 2007, 15:57:43)
Ahem, there is no light green colour in Logic at BK...

3. August 2007, 13:54:09
Subject: Colour-blindness
I don't remember whether I have asked that before, but could we please have colours that are easier to distinguish for colour-blind people ? As they are, I can hardly distinguish the pink from the light green, while all others are OK (hint : most colour-blind people have a red vs green deficiency).

18. July 2007, 13:35:20
Subject: Re:
AbigailII: So Unique Logik with two additional colors seems to be roughly in the same range of complexity as our current Logik - I think I'd like it :)

18. July 2007, 12:49:08
Subject: Re:
Gordon Shumway: The ability to leave an empty spot is identical to adding another colour.

The general formula for the number of codes with N spots and C colours is CN for regular logic; for unique logic, the formula is C!/(C-N)!, assuming there are at least as many colours as there are spots (otherwise, you wouldn't have any possible codes).

I've made a table here.

18. July 2007, 11:32:24
Subject: Re:
AbigailII: So what about Unique Logik with one or two colors added? Or the possibility to leave one spot empty?

17. July 2007, 21:31:29
Subject: Re: Currently, Logic has 32768 different codes to choose from. Most games seem to finish in 5 or 6 moves. Your "small" logik only has 4096 possibilities (and that's assuming there isn't a reduction in the number of colours). Most games wouldn't go past move 4. "Large" logik would up the number of codes to 262144. Probably requiring 6 to 7 moves.

As for unique logik, with 8 colours and 5 positions, there would be 6720 codes to choose from. Just over 1 in 5 of the possible codes does not duplicate a colour.

17. July 2007, 20:39:24
Subject: Re: Or Unique Logik - No color twice.

17. July 2007, 20:35:14 
Logic Variants

What would people think of 2 more logic games:

Small Logic - only 4 places to guess

Large Logic - 6 places to guess

16. July 2007, 00:09:25
Subject: Re:
Serendipity: wow that is just great

15. July 2007, 21:20:07
Whikki managed a 1 move win: Logik (vladimira vs. whikki)

15. July 2007, 15:24:46
Subject: Re:

the chance is very low
but you can always guess it in 1 turn

15. July 2007, 08:26:09
does anybody know what are the least number of turns to win a game? I have done it in 3 turns, has anybody done it in 1 or 2 turns this known?

17. February 2007, 17:31:09 
Subject: Re: WAIT
TexasToest: Each round it gives you a new set of pegs - it does not pay attention to what you guessed last round - just the current round.

17. February 2007, 17:27:49
Subject: WAIT
Once a color peg is identified by the game program, and the program issues a black peg is issued to a solution place, the program ignores it?  I don't think so.  If you move that peg in your line up to an incorrect position, the black peg goes away.

16. February 2007, 20:09:33
Universal Eyes 
Subject: Re:Logik
nivabef:Thank you.

I had figured there was something wrong.

16. February 2007, 19:27:30
Subject: Re:Logik
Universal Eyes: Yes, that's how the game is played. It tells you how many you have right but not which ones.

16. February 2007, 07:03:10
Universal Eyes 
Subject: Re:Logik
Modified by Universal Eyes (16. February 2007, 07:19:31)
BIG BAD WOLF:The pegs did not go in the right position on my first finished game,if you want the game ID# when you get a correct position the peg is suppose to be placed there,which is not the case,they move from left to right regardless of the peg color.

I hope someone can clarify my mind in some way,or do i just not understand the game.

Updated to get the game ID#2282486

6. February 2007, 04:04:15
Subject: Re: Delayed guess results.
Oh, duh..


I figured it out myself. It's because I could be declared the winner, with player 2 not getting an equal number of "turns".

6. February 2007, 03:54:13
Subject: Delayed guess results.
This may be a dumb question, but can someone explain why it is necessary to wait until both players have made a guess to see the pegs for that guess? Say I am player 1, why can't I hit Move and stay here, and see the results of that guess? How would this offer me an advantage over player 2??

I am sure this is one of those things I will say, "DUH" to myself once it is explained. LOL

3. February 2007, 07:13:29
Subject: Graphics
Is there any way to widen the board horizontally?

31. January 2007, 16:30:34 
Subject: Re:
Czuch Czuckers: Well I would not want to help on any ongoing games (as to not cheat), but I've played this game on other sites before playing here and have my own way of playing - when I get some more time, I'll write up a short article on how I play - maybe a new addition to site.

31. January 2007, 16:25:46
Subject: Re:
BIG BAD WOLF: So, maybe you could give me a quick strategy lesson.... in your example, what would you likely play next, and why?

31. January 2007, 16:20:46 
Subject: Re:
Czuch Czuckers: That is correct.

If your opponenets code is all red,

And your guess is red, white, black, blue, red - you will get 2 black pegs for having 2 pieces the correct color & in the correct position.

Sometimes a very tricky code can be one that has 3-4 of the same color in it! (or course on the flip side it may make it very easy on your opponent.)

31. January 2007, 16:11:53
Subject: Re:
BIG BAD WOLF: Thanks, I think that helps a little, i will just have to play some more and figure it all out!

So, if my opponent uses all red and I use two reds in my guess, I will know that I have two colors correct and in the correct position, but I will not know for sure if either one of the red ones are correct or not?

31. January 2007, 16:04:37 
Subject: Re:
Czuch Czuckers: example: you guess all red - opponent has 1 red in code

You get 1 black peg since one of your guesses match the opponents pieces as the same color & same place.

You can not get more then 1 peg for each of your guesses. Black pegs overrule.

.... wait, let me explain this differently.

First thing computer does is looks for exact matches in your guess and opponenets placement. If the computer finds an exact match (same color & same position), the computer gives you a black peg and from that point on ignores that position.

So from then on, the computer only looks at the remaining 4 positions.

After the computer finds no more exact matches (black pegs), it then starts to look for any color matches in the wrong position (again, only at the 4 remaining positions) If it finds any, it will then give you a white peg and then "ignore" those pieces in the rest of it's findings.

31. January 2007, 15:59:47
Subject: Re:
Rose: From the rules:

The game is finished when one or both codes are solved. Since the results of moves are determined at the same time, it is possible that both players solve the opponent's code at the same turn. In this case, the game is a draw. Otherwise, if one player solves the code, he wins the game.

Since this takes away the advantage of the player going first, I'm glad this rule is there.

31. January 2007, 15:58:30
I guess I am confused where, if I guess all red, and my opponent has used one red, then I have one guess that is the correct color and is in the right position, and 4 colors that are the right color but in the wrong position. Why only one black peg then?

Say for example my opponent has a red one in the last position and I guess that color in the first position, I will get a white peg for that, but if I guess a red one in both the first and last positions, The one in the first position doesnt get anything this time?

31. January 2007, 15:57:42 
Subject: Re:
Rose: That is not a link to a game, but a message I can not read.

But for the game - I believe each player gets the same amount of tries - so even if you go first, and on move 5 you solve it, player 2 also gets a move #5 to try to solve it also.

As a side note, I've notice that player 2 will not even see your move until AFTER they move, so they will not even know that you won until after that move.

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