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10. December 2016, 02:15:06 
Modified by (10. December 2016, 02:16:34)
About that game - it SHOULD NOT have been ended as there was still a chance for a tie game - as white still had a piece on their home position. So if black could have made it to pin that piece, then the game would end as a tie/draw. [In this game, black was in no position to do that..... but that is in the rules]

All white needed to do was move that last home piece and the game should have ended automatically, so I'm not sure why they needed Fencer to finish it when you could have done it simply yourself.

Game rules:!g=7521441

"The only exception is if the opponent still has checkers on his starting point, since in this case his own mother checker is still threatened. A game in which both mothers are pinned is a draw."

10. December 2016, 01:31:31
Subject: Re: Has this happened to anyone?
Modified by crosseyed (10. December 2016, 01:36:55)
speachless: Why don't you do what you say you are going to do? You can ignore me, but you want to have the last word. And it is you twisting the facts to suit you, to make out you are being victimised.

10. December 2016, 01:26:37
Subject: Re: Has this happened to anyone?
crosseyed: sometimes ignoring you is not as easy, since you turn the facts as you want around, depends on your purpose... but even if your starting question is about something else, you manage often enough to turn it into a fight... i should have learned from the past that it is easier to convince someone that p.m. is a.m. instead of trying to go out of any kind of discussion with you.... well now that you have your answers concerning our plakoto game, i hope you stop going on and on with this discussion, bye and dream on

10. December 2016, 01:17:52
Subject: Re: Has this happened to anyone?
Modified by crosseyed (10. December 2016, 01:28:51)
speachless: I thought you were going to ignore me? It is obvious that want to have the last word so to speak. I asked that my posts be removed and you can check that, since you like to solve puzzles, ask the monitor who deleted yours and Brian's posts, as my posts were still there that morning in discussion board. This was the date 22. May 2016, 01:37:53
rod03801 put that he had hidden/remove two people's posts. So in fairness I asked that mine be removed.
Hopefully this problem won't arise again regarding bugs .One thing for is sure you love to exaggerate.

10. December 2016, 01:09:17
Subject: Re: Has this happened to anyone?
crosseyed: if you can count 1+1, it wouldn't at all be necessary for you to pose any of this questions.
after all you complained about me and the administrator, that we didn't inform you before i asked for correction and before the admin corrected the obvious bug. so even in the future, i refuse to chat with you on any games, if a manual correction will be needed from an admin, than you will find out why on your own, i don't feel guilty for not communicate with you on running games, since you offended me several time only for having another oppinion as yours. and to clarify it, the admin some months ago deleted some of your attacks to me, so now you clearly can't follow up anymore what you through on my face through discussion boards.

so no, i will refuse to even inform you, when again a manual correction will occure again.

10. December 2016, 01:04:55
Subject: Re: Has this happened to anyone?
Modified by crosseyed (10. December 2016, 01:05:18)
speachless: I won't lose any sleep over you ignoring me. I now know that the game does have a bug. And had you bothered to let me know this, this discussion would not have taken place.

10. December 2016, 01:02:49
Subject: Re: Has this happened to anyone?
Modified by speachless (10. December 2016, 01:03:43)
crosseyed: well i decide now it doesn't make any sense for me to reply to any of your arguments. so your question was concerning our plakoto game. i gave you the answer. i try now to ignore you, everything else is a waste of time for me

10. December 2016, 01:01:09
Subject: Re: Has this happened to anyone?
Modified by crosseyed (10. December 2016, 01:02:59)
speachless: Let's get the facts right you started the argument and had a go at me because I made comment about someone and you did not like it. The only time I picked you up about your English was that I stated that in England we spell speechless differently to you. So don't go making a mountain over mole hill making out that I have been very unkind to you. At the time your posts and the other person was deleted and because I considered it unfair I asked that my posts be deleted too which they were as I considered that I had overstepped the mark. So don't exaggerating what really happened.
I was not sure it was a bug regarding playing plakoto when I had pinned the mother piece.
I did asked Beach about it when I pinned her mother piece and the game did not end, eventually it did complete and I won that game. So I thought there was something else that meant that the game had to be continued.

10. December 2016, 00:44:56
Subject: Re: Has this happened to anyone?
crosseyed: well however you feel about it, you knew this bug in plakoto sometimes happen, right? most all of the time it function very well.
and no i don't feel i need to be polite when it comes to you as in the past you offended me directly, mocking around about my insufficient english knowledge, etc. etc. so no, i feel you should have count 1+1 together but you expected courtesy from me and an administrator. well, i expected courtesy before you attacked me several times on public chats, just because you had another opinion. so no, i don't feel i need to be nice or polite or whatever to you, if i wish, i can ignore you, so easy!

10. December 2016, 00:37:20
Subject: Re: Has this happened to anyone?
speachless: I have had several games where I have pinned someone's piece and the game did not end. So this proves that there is fault in this game. Therefore we should be made aware of it and Fencer should rectified the fault. And yes I think it would have been courteous for you or Fencer to explain why the games finished like it did. I would have done that to you had it been me that had pinned your mother piece..

10. December 2016, 00:30:54
Subject: Re: Has this happened to anyone?
Modified by speachless (10. December 2016, 00:34:34)
crosseyed: there is no reason why an administrator would need first to consult you before correcting a bug, since i pinned your mother piece without ending the game automatically. as i noticed after i won, that the game just passed the move to you, without that the game ended automatically as usually expected, so i wrote to an admin asking to end the game manually. as you expected to loose according the plakoto rules, it is not necessary that anyone contacts you first...

9. December 2016, 18:14:34
Subject: Re: Has this happened to anyone?
Modified by crosseyed (9. December 2016, 23:07:26)

Clandestine 1: Thank you for letting me know. Okay the link does not work but it clear to see that the game was finished by an administrator.
Does this work now? 7521441
I would like to know which administrator finished the game without consulting me first. Having just checked the staff there are only two administrators and one has not been in the site since April. So that leaves Fencer.

9. December 2016, 16:44:09
Clandestine 1 
Subject: Re: Has this happened to anyone?
crosseyed: the link doesn't work and I couldn't find the game in your profile. Try posting the link again.

9. December 2016, 11:33:38
Subject: Has this happened to anyone?
Modified by crosseyed (9. December 2016, 11:43:35)

6. December 2016, 18:34:47
Subject: Re: unstarted tournament
happyjuggler0: Why don't you contact the creator of the game/tournament and explain to them how to transfer the brains?

5. December 2016, 20:12:39
Subject: unstarted tournament
Someone in this tournament ought to message Fencer so that he can deduct 5 brains from the creator's account to start the tourney.

Championship website

30. November 2016, 23:02:03
Universal Eyes 

30. November 2016, 22:23:02

26. November 2016, 15:16:54
Subject: Random elim prize tourney
Elimination Prize Rook

Good luck to all, random selection of games for 12 months rook.

24. November 2016, 23:32:23

24. November 2016, 16:21:41
Subject: Prize Jarmo
If you've never played the game give it a go it's good fun. Simple to understand too.

6 months brain knight to the winner.

Jarmo Knight

Have fun and good luck

23. November 2016, 15:07:26
Universal Eyes 

22. November 2016, 13:01:14
Subject: new tournament

22. November 2016, 12:20:24
Subject: Not very popular games tournament
The others

Starting one hour before New Year 2017

21. November 2016, 21:57:59

12. November 2016, 00:00:36
Subject: Re: Find Chess Tournaments
Modified by Aganju (12. November 2016, 00:01:27)
LeoChessNut: There is a filter. Try for example to see the result.

11. November 2016, 23:49:14
Subject: Find Chess Tournaments
Very difficult to find chess tournaments, can't the system allow a filter?


11. November 2016, 23:46:11
Subject: Chess Tournaments
I apologize in advance, I don't completely understand, are these games rated or not when it states "Unrated games (no BKR will be affected by this tournament): no"

Unrated means "No"
(no BKR will be affected by this tournament): means "Unrated" "No"
no means "Yes:?
Please explain - Rated or Unrated? Lol

6. November 2016, 08:56:46
Subject: 1 more teammm :)

29. October 2016, 19:01:48

27. October 2016, 17:19:30
Subject: ´Hallowen

26. October 2016, 00:46:04
Subject: Re: tournments At first blush it looks like a problem, and maybe it is, I don't know yet, but it is worth pointing out that every single tournament (as of now) is on that very page. There are no tourneys on page 2.

Perhaps the system is designed to make things hard to see "regular" tourneys if there are even more brain tourneys than right now, but there is no evidence right now of that.

For now we just have to scroll much farther to the bottom than usual to see "regular tournaments".

25. October 2016, 22:38:06 
Subject: Re: tournments
beach: I agree - maybe show the first 10/15, then have a "see more" or multiple pages.

25. October 2016, 13:30:07
Subject: tournments
Modified by beach (25. October 2016, 13:32:22)
Wish someone could do something with the brain tournaments now you cannot even see the regular tournaments because someone created 100's of them 

23. October 2016, 04:43:30

17. October 2016, 15:01:40
Subject: Open Invite: Top 10% Faster Backgammoners for 2016/11-12
Modified by TC (17. October 2016, 15:03:03)
Open Invite: Top 10% Faster Backgammoners for 2016/11-12
The Best and The Fast Backgammon Players',

This is an opportunity, check your weight against to other best and fast backgammon players if you inside the top 10% any type of Backgammon Games (Minimum BKR: 1700).

Don't be afraid of endless games and tournaments! If you don't like to join to the Backammon Tournaments without end (related with the move time of the tournament or players), our games finish to the next coming tournament.

We choosed publicly announce this in past popular Tournaments here, in the tournaments discussion and some fellowship groups to all the best and fast players who are inside the top 10% of any type Backgammon Games.

Inside the top 10% any type Backgammon player (Back, Nack, Crowded, Race, Hyper, Anti, Cloning Backgammon, Grasshopper, Plakoto, Fevga), is eligible to join to all other games in this Tournaments before the begin time.

To check where you are in the ratings click to the related links:

Backgammon, Nackgammon, Anti Backgammon, Backgammon Race, Crowded Backgammon, Hyper Backgammon, Cloning Backgammon, Grasshopper, Plakoto, Fevga

Others, outside of top 10% players, will be deleted before the tournaments begin without excuse...

Minimum BKR: 1700
Match type: 5 points match with doubling cube
Tournament type: one match for each two players
Maximum number of players per section: 20
Final match type for two players section: 5 points match with doubling cube if possible
Time control: Time: 3 days, Bonus: 3hours, Limit: 9 days, no days off (red signed)

(That means after beginning you have 3 days (72 hours) for your first move. Per your another move, you'll have 3 hours bonus for your other move time. 9 days is limit time for the opponents, after the move of other side.)

Please click to the Tournament addresse and 'feel free to join to any type of Gammon Games'. You are eligible to join, to all Gammon games without restriction, only if you inside of top 10% in any Gammon Games';(for now we have only ten types of Gammon games).

Open Invite: Top 10% Faster Backgammoners for 2016/11-12

With your join to this Tournament, hope to play good matches and enjoy!


Thank you!

11. October 2016, 09:50:18
Subject: 1 more team :)

9. October 2016, 09:19:43

7. October 2016, 20:36:01
Universal Eyes 

5. October 2016, 14:35:07
Subject: new tournament

23. September 2016, 18:21:01
Universal Eyes 

22. September 2016, 20:26:07
Subject: Re:
Aganju: Yes it is...come and join us..:}

22. September 2016, 16:58:01
Subject: Re:
Doris: This tournament is only for members of that Fellowship.

22. September 2016, 16:52:46

12. September 2016, 15:39:34
Subject: Team Tournaments
Desperately need ONE Team in each of these 2 Team Tournaments that are waiting to start

Aug 2016 Crowns of Checkers X - Checkers

April 2016 Back to the Future (Linetris) #3 - Linetris

After that we have 2 more that are struggling for Teams.....

Sept 2016 64 Battlefields XIV (Chess) - Chess (Only 1 Team so far)

Sept 2016 One-Two-Three-Four-Five-In-Line #9 - Five in Line (Only 2 Teams so far)

Dice Chess, Dark Battleboats & Knight Fight are up after those and already have 4 Teams a piece entered in them, but more welcome of course

PLEASE Bosses, Captains & of course Players, please try to rustle up some Teams so everyone can play who is interested

1. September 2016, 00:18:57

31. August 2016, 00:13:49
Subject: Re:
Doris: You're welcome.

30. August 2016, 18:58:02
Subject: Re:
crosseyed: whoo hoooo, happy to see you are going to play..:} thank you for signing up

30. August 2016, 16:00:41
Subject: Re:
Doris: I got a little bit confused with the post. Anyway I signed up for some of the games I can play.

30. August 2016, 12:49:24
Subject: Re:
crosseyed: Thank you!

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