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Game (your BKR)EventOpponent (BKR)Your colorTime control (?)
Alquerque1 game match MTC (1435)white 5 days
AmazonsNormal gamePerGioco (1664)black 7 days
Ambiguous ChessNormal gamebora1999 (1628)random 3 days
Anti Backgammon10 wins match robtooblack 4 days
Anti BackgammonNormal gameTibor Horvath (2119)black 2/0.6/6.23
Anti Checkers5 wins match robtoo (1614)white 1 day 23 hours
Anti Checkers5 wins match robtoo (1614)white 2 days
Anti Checkers5 wins match robtoo (1614)white 3 days
Anti Checkers10 wins match robtoo (1614)white 7 days
Anti ChessNormal gamestoinov (1658)black 7 days
AtaxxNormal gamesha (1562)random 3 days
Atomic Chess2 wins matchsaraajogadora (2266)black 3 days
Atomic ChessNormal gamebora1999 (1164)random 3 days
Backgammon3 games matchSlavka (2146)random 30 days
BackgammonNormal game♥♫βaβyĢіґŁŁє♫♥ (2100)black 1 day
BackgammonNormal gamedrake (2116)black 2 days
BackgammonNormal gamedrake (2116)white 2 days
Backgammon3 wins match robtooblack 3 days
Backgammon5 points match with doubling cubesarl2000 (2277)random 7 days
BackgammonNormal game Gentiana (2182)white 1 day
Backgammon11 points match with doubling cubesmailo (2284)black 7 days
BackgammonNormal gamethig2001 (2146)black 14 days
BackgammonNormal game1aeg (2271)white 2 days
BackgammonNormal gameFrancine2_49 (2134)black 7 days
BackgammonNormal gamez-28 (2145)black 3 days
BackgammonNormal gameLightbug (2420)random 5/0.12/5
Backgammon9 points match with doubling cubecoeje (2506)random 7 days
Backgammon7 points match with doubling cubelegranddidier (2222)random 7 days
Backgammon RaceNormal gameSlavka (1908)random 30 days
Backgammon RaceNormal gameTibor Horvath (2150)black 2/0.6/6.23
Backgammon RaceNormal game mfkirkland (1780)black 4 days
Backgammon RaceNormal game mfkirkland (1780)white 4 days
Battleboats5 wins match robtoo (1704)black 4 days
Battleboats5 wins match robtoo (1704)white 4 days
Battleboats10 wins match robtoo (1704)black 7 days
Battleboats2 wins matchjiva (1962)random 7 days
Battleboats PlusNormal gameSlavka (1890)random 30 days
Battleboats PlusNormal gamez-28 (1788)black 3 days
Behemoth Chess5 points matchserpentiumblack 7 days
Berolina ChessNormal game LichtQuelle (1682)random 5/1/12
CamNormal gameemilio81 (1327)random 7 days
Camelot3 wins matchLe-lu-gri (1499)random 5 days
CamelotNormal game Avun Jahei (1920)random 9 days
Capablanca Random Chess3 games matchVinland (1730)random 3 days
Capablanca Random ChessNormal gamebora1999 (1591)random 3 days
Cheshire Cat Chess5 wins matchserpentium (1249)black 7 days
Cheshire Cat Lines of Action2 games match Chosuliatko (1717)random 3 days
ChessNormal gameKB1FER (1807)black 7 days
ChessNormal gameslav (1526)random 15 days
ChessNormal gameharvokrat (1862)black 7 days
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