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Game (your BKR)EventOpponent (BKR)Your colorTime control (?)
ChessNormal gameKB1FER (1807)black 7 days
ChessNormal gameslav (1421)random 15 days
ChessNormal gamedrafty (2553)random 7 days
ChessNormal gameharvokrat (1862)black 7 days
ChessNormal gamebyfvbl (1879)black 8 days
ChessNormal gamestoinov (1704)black 7 days
Chess2 points matchfrancek (2067)random 2 days
ChessNormal gameBorderCollie (2194)white 1/0.12/4
ChessNormal gamegeorg1 (1857)black 7/1/15
ChessNormal gamegeorg1 (1857)black 7 days
Chinese Chess3 wins matchengscm (1939)black 7 days
Chinese Chess2 wins matchLeia (1913)black 7 days
Chinese ChessNormal gameLightbug (1788)random 7/1/7
Chinese Chess5 games matchFrankgon (1301)black 7 days
Cloning BackgammonNormal gameSlavka (1756)random 30 days
Cloning Backgammon21 points match with doubling cubespeachless (2238)random 7/0.12/14
Cloning BackgammonNormal gameTibor Horvath (2152)black 2/0.4/6.23
Connect6Normal gamegreenj (2151)random 5 days
Connect6Normal gamemyszek (1809)black 7 days
Connect6Normal gametraf (1588)black 7 days
Connect63 wins matchSabri0o (1830)random 5 days
Crazy Screen Chess2 games matchMilioi (1502)random 7 days
Crowded BackgammonNormal gameSlavka (1719)random 30 days
Crowded BackgammonNormal gameTibor Horvath (2076)black 2/0.6/6.23
Cylinder ChessNormal gamebora1999 (1197)random 3 days
Dark BattleboatsNormal gamethejazzcafe (1674)black 4 days
Dark ChessNormal gameRia02 (1362)white 7 days
Dark ChessNormal game Nik66 (1698)random 1 day
Dice Chess 10x102 wins matchFractalchez (1922)random 2 days
Dice Chess 10x102 points match drak0nb (2004)white 1/0.1/30
Dice PokerNormal gameFontal (1969)random 4 days
Dice Poker2 points matchFontal (1969)random 5 days
Dice PokerNormal gameFrantišek Outlý (1842)random 3 days
Embassy ChessNormal gameWalter Montego (1933)black 13.7/1.18/15.1
Embassy ChessNormal gameWalter Montego (1933)white 13.7/1.18/15.1
Embassy ChessNormal gameCardinale (1558)black 7/1/15
Embassy ChessNormal gameRia02 (1195)white 7 days
Embassy ChessNormal gamebora1999 (1676)random 3 days
Embassy ChessNormal gameandrey-king (1814)random 3 days
Extinction ChessNormal gamesorcerer (2053)black 7 days
Extinction ChessNormal gamesorcerer (2053)white 7 days
Extinction ChessNormal gamemdneal79 (2007)random 7/1/15
FevgaNormal gameSlavka (1851)random 30 days
FevgaNormal gamedimo_49 (2107)white 2 days
FevgaNormal gameLightbug (1968)random 5/0.12/5
FevgaNormal gameTibor Horvath (2062)black 2/0.6/6.23
Five in LineNormal gameeufrat (1119)circles 7 days
Five in Line2 wins matchHarynok (2032)random 7 days
Five in LineNormal gamePepa57 (1768)circles 7 days
Fortress Chess1 game match MTC (1333)white 5 days
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