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Game (your BKR)EventOpponent (BKR)Your colorTime control (?)
Fortress ChessNormal gameveryfunnyrandom 3 days
Frog FinderNormal gameannebitz (1554)random 30 days
Frog FinderNormal gameQuarryman (1853)red 16 hours
Frog LegsNormal gamedracice-86 (1310)random 2 days
FrogletNormal game Slavka (1354)random 30 days
Froglet5 games matchrobtooblack 7 days
GoNormal gameTocoma (1796)random 7 days
Go 13x13Normal gameHazar7white 2 days
Grand Chess1 game matchMTC (865)random 5 days
Grand ChessNormal gamebora1999 (1643)random 3 days
GrasshopperNormal gameH0nzík (1475)random 7 days
GrasshopperNormal gameilker028 (1294)black 2 days
Halma 10x10Normal game Slavka (1433)random 30 days
Halma 10x10Normal gamewatercolor (2068)random 2 days
Halma 10x10Normal gamenoodles (1627)black 7 days
Halma 10x103 wins matchAlfredo Mendoza (1949)black 2 days
Halma 10x103 wins matchAlfredo Mendoza (1949)white 2 days
Halma 8x8Normal game Slavka (1439)random 30 days
Hawaiian CheckersNormal game eefke (1088)white 3 days
Hawaiian CheckersNormal game eefke (1088)white 4 days
Hawaiian CheckersNormal gameilker028white 2 days
Hyper Backgammon3 games match Slavka (2098)random 28 days
Hyper Backgammon2 games match Slavka (2098)random 30 days
Hyper Backgammon7 points match with doubling cube pgt (2296)random 2 days
Ice Age ChessNormal game eefkeblack 3 days
Ice Age ChessNormal gamexxxNastiaxxx (1882)random 3 days
Ice Age ChessNormal gameNik66 (1623)random 1 day
International Checkers3 wins matchAlfredo Mendoza (1435)black 7 days
Janus ChessNormal gamebora1999 (1407)random 3 days
Japanese ChessNormal game ughaibu (2260)black 3 days
Japanese ChessNormal gamePigeon (1874)random 7 days
Japanese Chess2 wins matchShiger (1562)black 30/1/30
Japanese ChessNormal gamerealeclipse (910)random 7 days
Japanese ChessNormal gametbl2 (1456)white 7 days
Japanese ChessNormal gameaenima93white 7 days
Jarmo3 games matchenciorandom 1 day
JungleNormal gameandy99 (1519)black 6 days
Keryo Pente2 games matchMTC (1048)random 5 days
Knight FightNormal gameMacCadillac (1863)black 7 days
Knight FightNormal gamekobayashigorandom 3 days
Knight Relay ChessNormal gamexxxNastiaxxx (2006)random 3 days
Legan ChessNormal gamekobayashigoblack 7/1/15
Legan ChessNormal gamekobayashigowhite 7/1/15
Legan ChessNormal gameveryfunnyblack 3 days
Legan ChessNormal gameveryfunnywhite 3 days
Logik10 wins matchtrea941981 (2132)random 7 days
Los Alamos ChessNormal gamedeanthebean (1756)random 7 days
LudoNormal gamerobtoo (2081)black 2 days
Ludo5 wins matchrobtoo (2081)black 3 days
Ludo3 wins matchrobtoo (2081)black 7 days
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