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Game (your BKR)EventOpponent (BKR)Your colorTime control (?)
Fortress Chess3 games matchSCHAnarCHistrandom 3 days
Fortress ChessNormal gameper31black 7/1/15
Frog Finder4 wins matchGregH (2030)random 3 days
FrogletNormal gameSlavka (1511)random 30 days
FrogletNormal gameMirka Stastn√° (1270)black 7 days
GoNormal gameeefke (1481)white 3 days
Go 13x13Normal gameeefke (1055)white 3 days
Go 13x13Normal game_Hive (1702)random 2 days 4 hours
Go 13x134 games matchencio (1843)random 1 day
Gothic CheckersNormal gamedeanthebean (1213)random 7 days
Grand ChessNormal game bora1999 (1643)random 3 days
Grand ChessNormal gameerwakendrandom 10 days
GrasshopperNormal gameeefke (1086)black 3 days
Halma 10x10Normal gameSlavka (1585)random 30 days
Halma 10x10Normal game Gammonator (2040)black 1 day
Halma 10x10Normal gamebjc79random 3 days
Halma 8x8Normal gameSlavka (1498)random 30 days
Hyper BackgammonNormal gameSlavka (2039)random 30 days
Hyper Backgammon7 points match with doubling cube pgt (2248)random 2 days
Hyper Backgammon1 game matchMTC (1483)black 5 days
Hyper Backgammon5 points match with doubling cuberondo (2225)random 7 days
Ice Age ChessNormal gamexxxNastiaxxx (1920)random 3 days
Ice Age ChessNormal gamebazarsada (1969)black 1 day
Ice Age ChessNormal gamebazarsada (1969)white 1 day
Italian CheckersNormal gameeefke (943)black 3 days
Italian CheckersNormal gamesoviet (2005)random 3 days
Janus ChessNormal gamezRivie (1722)random 3 days
Janus ChessNormal game bora1999 (1603)random 3 days
Japanese ChessNormal game ughaibu (2260)black 2 days
Japanese ChessNormal game ughaibu (2260)black 3 days
Japanese ChessNormal gamedeathmetalland (2130)random 7 days
Japanese ChessNormal gametbl2 (1385)white 7 days
Jarmo3 games matchencio (1594)random 1 day
JungleNormal gameandy99 (1538)black 6 days
JungleNormal gamedarvara71 (1605)random 2 days
JungleNormal gameplagxano (1633)random 7 days
JungleNormal gamebjc79random 3 days
Keryo Pente4 wins matchdeanthebean (1715)random 7 days
Knight FightNormal game Gammonator (2029)black 1 day
Knight Relay ChessNormal gameArnieTxx (1178)black 3 days
Knight Relay ChessNormal gameeefke (940)black 3 days
Knight Relay ChessNormal gamexxxNastiaxxx (2035)random 3 days
Knight Relay Chess3 games matchVasilich (1754)random 2 days
Legan ChessNormal gamexxxNastiaxxx (1756)random 3 days
Line4Normal gamemadz123456 (1926)black 7 days
Line4Normal gameLichtQuelle (1832)black 7 days
Lines of ActionNormal gameeefke (1122)white 3 days
Loop Chess2 wins matchBluefin (1479)random 3 days
Ludo5 wins matchstarling70 (2194)white 1 day
LudoNormal gametalpa-sk (2266)black 3 days
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