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Game (your BKR)EventOpponent (BKR)Your colorTime control (?)
FrogletNormal gameMirka Stastná (1145)black 7 days
Go2 wins matchZEDDICUS (1781)random 7/1/15
GoNormal game Veloz (1057)random 7 days
GoNormal gameIvangsc (1132)random 7 days
Go 13x13Normal gameberserkewhite 7 days
Grand ChessNormal gamebora1999 (1643)random 3 days
Halma 10x10Normal gameSlavka (1708)random 28 days
Halma 10x10Normal gameSlavka (1708)random 30 days
Halma 10x10Normal gameGammonator (2043)black 1 day
Halma 8x8Normal gameSlavka (1746)random 30 days
Halma 8x8Normal game MacCadillac (1699)black 7 days
Halma 8x8Normal gamekaoz7 (1740)black 3 days
Hawaiian CheckersNormal gameCaroKarmwhite 7/1/7
Hawaiian CheckersNormal gameCaroKarmblack 7/1/7
Hawaiian CheckersNormal gameAvun Jahei (2010)random 3 days
Horde ChessNormal gameRadio-Scacchi (1860)black 2 days
Hyper BackgammonNormal gameSlavka (2095)random 30 days
Hyper Backgammon1 game matchMTC (1483)black 5 days
Hyper Backgammon5 points match with doubling cuberondo (2236)random 7 days
Hyper BackgammonNormal gameVeGaLs (2094)black 1 day
Ice Age ChessNormal gamebazarsada (1984)black 2 days
Ice Age ChessNormal gamebazarsada (1984)white 2 days
Italian CheckersNormal gamesoviet (2007)random 3 days
Janus ChessNormal gamevstjrtrandom 7/2/15
Janus ChessNormal gamebora1999 (1559)random 3 days
Japanese ChessNormal game ughaibu (2264)black 3 days
Japanese Chess2 games matchMTC (1524)black 5 days
Japanese ChessNormal gametbl2 (1385)white 7 days
Japanese ChessNormal gameKlingonBorgTata (1557)white 2 days
Japanese ChessNormal gameper31 (1201)white 7/1/15
Japanese ChessNormal gameMickactuswhite 0.1/0.1/0.1
JungleNormal gameandy99 (1538)black 6 days
Knight FightNormal game MacCadillac (1895)black 7 days
Knight Relay ChessNormal gamexxxNastiaxxx (2043)random 3 days
Logik6 wins matchvorvaň (2087)random 3 days
LogikNormal gameRenoslav (1831)random 12 hours
Loop ChessNormal gameanticonformista (1551)random 7/1/15
LudoNormal gametalpa-sk (2262)black 3 days
Maharajah ChessNormal gamePepe (1702)white 7 days
Maharajah ChessNormal gameIggy (1921)white 7 days
Maharajah ChessNormal gamesally555 (1828)white 1 day
Mancala10 points matchwalangpera (1753)black 1 day
Mancala6 games matchIpsilon (1991)white 3 days
Massacre Chess3 games matchmusicmachine (2070)random 2 days
Massacre Chess5 games matchSCHAnarCHist (2070)random 3 days
NackgammonNormal gameSlavka (1990)random 30 days
Nackgammon1 game matchMTC (1380)random 5 days
Open Fast EspionageNormal gameAvun Jahei (1941)random 3 days
PenteNormal gameBsyB (1661)random 7 days
Pente2 games matchsidtxval (2056)black 7 days
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