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Game (your BKR)EventOpponent (BKR)Your colorTime control (?)
Frog Finder4 wins matchGregH (2045)random 3 days
FrogletNormal game Slavka (1380)random 30 days
Froglet2 wins matchLuciano672 (1897)black 3 days
Go 9x9Normal gameTocoma (1749)random 7/0.18/15
Gothic CheckersNormal gameeefkeblack 5 days
Grand ChessNormal gamedrak0nbrandom 1/0.1/30
Grand ChessNormal gamebora1999 (1644)random 3 days
Grand Chess5 wins matchFlying Daggerzblack 20 days
Grand Chess5 wins matchFlying Daggerzwhite 20 days
Grasshopper3 wins matchencio (1533)random 1 day
Halma 10x10Normal game Slavka (1534)random 30 days
Halma 10x10Normal gamesnaiperscha1 (2044)black 2 days
Halma 8x8Normal game Slavka (1609)random 30 days
Halma 8x8Normal game MacCadillac (1681)black 7 days
Hyper BackgammonNormal game Slavka (2179)random 30 days
Hyper BackgammonNormal gameBigBen (2140)white 7 days
Hyper BackgammonNormal gameVeGaLs (2181)white 1 day
Italian CheckersNormal game soviet (2008)random 3 days
Janus ChessNormal gameeefke (1350)black 5 days
Janus ChessNormal gamezRivie (1754)random 4 days
Janus ChessNormal gamebora1999 (1619)random 3 days
Janus Chess5 wins matchFlying Daggerzblack 20 days
Janus Chess5 wins matchFlying Daggerzwhite 20 days
Japanese ChessNormal gameughaibu (2260)black 2 days
Japanese ChessNormal gametbl2 (1456)white 7 days
Jarmo2 games matchMTC (1437)black 5 days
JungleNormal gameandy99 (1538)black 6 days
Knight Relay ChessNormal gamexxxNastiaxxx (2024)random 3 days
Knight Relay Chess2 games matchVasilich (1726)random 2 days
Lines of ActionNormal game Avun Jahei (2015)random 3 days
LogikNormal gameannebitz (1645)random 30 days
Logik8 points matchlylou (2046)random 3 days
LogikNormal gameRenoslav (1926)random 0.8/0.8/1
Logik2 wins matchGattita (1522)black 7 days
Loop Chess2 games matchMTC (1189)black 5 days
Loop ChessNormal gameeefke (820)black 5 days
Loop Chess6 wins matchslunickosmisek (1769)random 4/1.12/15
Loop Chess3 wins matcheden (1798)black 7 days
Loop ChessNormal gameЛабурдоне 92 (1402)black 1 day
LudoNormal gametalpa-sk (2233)black 3 days
LudoNormal gamedracice-86 (2170)random 3 days
Maharajah ChessNormal game sally555 (1870)white 1 day
Maharajah Chess4 games matchMaharajah (1418)black 7 days
Mancala6 games matchIpsilon (1986)white 3 days
Mancala4 games matchIpsilon (1986)white 4 days
Massacre Chess5 games matchmusicmachine (2080)random 3 days
MinishogiNormal gameeefke (1050)white 5 days
NackgammonNormal game Slavka (1845)random 30 days
NackgammonNormal game+DEATH+ (2010)random 2 days
Nackgammon5 points match Mr. Ree (2168)random 7 days
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