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29. January 2016, 21:44:27

28. January 2016, 12:43:29
Subject: new games
please sign up  Winter Games

23. January 2016, 22:44:52
Subject: Anyone up for super fast?

12. January 2016, 14:29:50
DeaD man WalkiN 
Subject: DeaD Man's GaMeS to StarT JaN 1
Plakoto need at least 1 more with in 2 days...

DeaD Man's GaMeS to StarT JaN 1

7. January 2016, 13:19:19
Crosseyed Mary 
Subject: Re: Congrats Pedro
furbster: Wow!

7. January 2016, 13:00:07
Subject: Re: Congrats Pedro

Congratulations Pedro

7. January 2016, 12:29:22
Subject: Re: Congrats Pedro
furbster: Well Down Pedro....only took 11 years lol

7. January 2016, 12:24:08
Subject: Congrats Pedro

6. January 2016, 23:11:59

4. January 2016, 12:08:36
Subject: Single Elimination Tourney Query ...
What happens if any round begins with an odd number of players? tyia

4. January 2016, 02:18:36

2. January 2016, 23:59:10

1. January 2016, 18:13:40

31. December 2015, 12:07:50
Subject: Brainking Chess Championship tournament

28. December 2015, 06:05:09

27. December 2015, 21:44:16
Papa Zoom 
Subject: Re: I started a

27. December 2015, 00:43:56
Subject: new Tournament
Sorry had to delete last tournament  should be 3 days not 30 days  New Years Tournament

26. December 2015, 17:27:47
Subject: Re: Just wondering...
ketchuplover: there is no 'official' site championships.For some years, there were inofficial 'World Championships', for all games, but I think whoever did those stopped doing them - I haven't seen any in awhile.
If you think we should have them - like for 2016 - I like the idea - the search for that tournament and check how it was setup (maybe message with the creator if you want to be nice) and set them up. I would participate.
Make sure the timing settings are so they appeal to a broad audience, to get maximum participation, and chose a style that doesn't drag the tournaments out forever.

26. December 2015, 14:57:34

25. December 2015, 11:29:50
Subject: Re: Just wondering...
ketchuplover: There are Team Tournaments, but you have to be in a Fellowship to be in a Team...... is that what you mean or individual ones?

25. December 2015, 10:51:22
Subject: Just wondering...
are there site championship tournies here?

22. December 2015, 00:45:12
Only one more day. There's a few games that need just ONE more person to join! Hopefully someone will so that those will start. I'll join a few more if I have to, but NOT in any chess or checkers games, definitely... BAH HUMBUG!! #4

20. December 2015, 15:58:37
Subject: Re: Which tournament??
Modified by Aganju (20. December 2015, 15:59:00) ok, thanks!
I would have never guessed that it was about a team tournament - after all, I did not win it, we did....

So it seems that the captain of the team gets this event send, but it contains no details or links.

20. December 2015, 03:33:22 
Subject: Re: Which tournament??
Modified by (20. December 2015, 03:34:07)
Aganju: Maybe this team tournament: Oct 2014 Fevga #6

Not sure why it would not give a link.

(I know that since I got a "Your tournament is finished" at the exact same time since I created the Team Tournament.)

18. December 2015, 06:13:48
Clandestine 1 
Subject: Re: Which tournament??
Aganju: that happens to me as well. I have no idea why.

18. December 2015, 06:12:03
Subject: Which tournament??
Modified by Aganju (18. December 2015, 06:12:26)
Today I got an event (evid=5723373): "You are the tournament winner", and when I open it, it says: "You are the winner of this tournament."

No links or details... how do I know which tournament I won? Anyone any idea?

The event came at 17. December 2015, 21:05:01 (EST), that's all info I have. I tried to look through the list of won tournaments in my profile, but there is nothing listed that finished this month...

17. December 2015, 20:29:52

17. December 2015, 08:53:26

16. December 2015, 14:34:45
Subject: christmas games
new tournament  Christmas Games

14. December 2015, 03:31:53
Universal Eyes 

13. December 2015, 03:15:02
Subject: It's that time again!

12. December 2015, 17:41:52

10. December 2015, 01:00:55
Subject: Re: Open invite: Top 10% Faster Backgammoners for 2016/01-02
earldrake1: I could add anti backgammon to the mentioned tournament, and wait you and interested players to check it. Thank you!

9. December 2015, 17:37:38
Subject: Re: Open invite: Top 10% Faster Backgammoners for 2016/01-02
earldrake1: Thank you for your warning about on the tournament. It was my fault in creation of the tournaments together. In recent months, under 4 users interested to anti backgammon and tournament could not created!

Here in this site to modify the name of the tournament is not possible simply... Sorry for it again!

9. December 2015, 16:30:25
Subject: Re: Open invite: Top 10% Faster Backgammoners for 2016/01-02
TC: Hi TC - you have Anti Checkers in the tourney instead of Anti Backgammon. Just FYI.

8. December 2015, 22:06:53
Subject: Open invite: Top 10% Faster Backgammoners for 2016/01-02
Modified by TC (26. February 2016, 11:41:21)
Open Invite: Top 10% Faster Backgammoners for 2016/01-02
The Best and The Fast Backgammon Players',

This is an opportunity, check your weight against to other best and fast backgammon players if you inside the top 10% any type of Backgammon Games (Minimum BKR: 1700).

Don't be afraid of endless games and tournaments! If you don't like to join to the Backammon Tournaments without end (related with the move time of the tournament or players), our games finish to the next coming tournament.

We choosed publicly announce this in past popular Tournaments here, in the tournaments discussion and some fellowship groups to all the best and fast players who are inside the top 10% of any type Backgammon Games.

Inside the top 10% any type Backgammon player (Back, Nack, Crowded, Race, Hyper, Anti, Cloning Backgammon, Grasshopper, Plakoto, Fevga), is eligible to join to all other games in this Tournaments before the begin time.

To check where you are in the ratings click to the related links:

Backgammon, Nackgammon, Anti Backgammon, Backgammon Race, Crowded Backgammon, Hyper Backgammon, Cloning Backgammon, Grasshopper, Plakoto, Fevga

Others, outside of top 10% players, will be deleted before the tournaments begin without excuse...

Minimum BKR: 1700
Match type: 5 points match with doubling cube
Tournament type: one match for each two players
Maximum number of players per section: 20
Final match type for two players section: 5 points match with doubling cube if possible
Time control: Time: 3 days, Bonus: 3hours, Limit: 9 days, no days off (red signed)

(That means after beginning you have 3 days (72 hours) for your first move. Per your another move, you'll have 3 hours bonus for your other move time. 9 days is limit time for the opponents, after the move of other side.)

Please click to the Tournament addresse and 'feel free to join to any type of Gammon Games'. You are eligible to join, to all Gammon games without restriction, only if you inside of top 10% in any Gammon Games';(for now we have only ten types of Gammon games).

Open Invite: Top 10% Faster Backgammoners for 2016/01-02

With your join to this Tournament, hope to play good matches and enjoy!


Thank you!

8. December 2015, 16:59:07
cd power 
Subject: Brains Tourney
Only need 4 more players with 15 Brains each! Chance to win over 100 Brains!

Frog Finder Brains Tournament

27. November 2015, 19:53:39
Starts in two days! Top 50

25. November 2015, 01:10:18

13. November 2015, 15:08:47
Subject: Prizetournament
Starting in 2h 45 min... a prize tournament for cloning backgammon: Cloning BG ***Prize: 1 year Brain Rook***

13. November 2015, 10:59:40

8. November 2015, 01:46:53

3. November 2015, 08:42:09

27. October 2015, 19:38:55

27. October 2015, 12:21:35
Subject: New Tournament

13. October 2015, 18:40:55

13. October 2015, 18:05:43
Universal Eyes 

9. October 2015, 20:10:51
Attention Halma players:
Starting October 15th Brian's 1971 Pub will start a halma 8x8 and 10x10 tournaments. To participate, simply just request membership to the pub if you are paying member and I will accept you and then you can enter our tournaments. Hope to see you at the pub.

29. September 2015, 23:56:09

22. September 2015, 13:48:05
Subject: new tournament
Please sign up   3 day time limit  Fall Tournament

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