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BadBoy7 (In It TO Win It) - Brain Rook, 0 Brains, 670 achievement points
Total score: 7244 wins, 88 draws, 5898 losses, 472 won tournaments

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Membership:Brain Rook (17. January 2018 - 16. August 2018)
Country:United States
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    Hi ...   I ONLY PLAY 1-3 DAY GAMES EITHER SINGLE GAMES OR TOURNIES & PONDS & StairsI'm SWM..I Am 6' 1 1/2" tall..weigh 180lbs.. Brn hr... Blue Eyes...I Am A Honest & Sincere Devoted man And A 1 Woman Man.. I am in a real life relationship and engaged ....I Live In Pa.(USA)  I Am A Smoker  To   

I Also Have PONDS & TOURNEYS & STAIRS & Teams For WhoEver Wants To Sign Up When Your A Member Of My Fellowship.  

<font color="#3333ff" size="5">My Fellowship Is called....BadBoy's FUN & GAMES....<font color="#009900" size="4">If You Are Interested in joining...Please message me <font color="#cc33cc">OR </font><font color="#ffcc00">Click On the Link JUST FUN & GAMES</font></font></font>

<font color="#ffcc00" size="4"></font> 

<font color="#009900" size="4">My Other Fellowship Is <font color="#ff0000" size="5">BadBoy's Palace...<font color="#3333ff" size="4">  <font color="#6600cc">To Join </font><font color="#3366ff">Click On This Link    BadBoy's Game Palace </font></font></font></font>

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