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Team Tournaments

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8. September 2017, 23:59:35
Backgammon players, team tourney gammon players needed. Tourny starts in a week.
The International Friendship Club

25. April 2013, 23:18:35
50 brain prize tournament

Send a request if necessary. Random gammons and dice games.

22. January 2012, 02:34:39

30. September 2011, 02:41:54
Subject: Re: It was just a bit odd. Makes for a mess of games at once but then the tournament ends sooner.

29. September 2011, 04:52:36
Is there a reason that the last 4 team tournaments as well as the new team games just listed are single bracket games? maximum group of 20.

13. August 2011, 04:10:09
Subject: Re: Prize tourneys
Skeeky: If this is the tournament you speak of I forgot to name the tourney just purchase the 1 month bishop then send fencer this link and ask him to mark it paid. Include your payment invoice number as well.

26. November 2010, 16:05:50

23. March 2009, 20:15:53
Mousetrap: He died in 1997, at 84, but was known best for his tv show in the 70's. He was a very gentle, loving man who spent his life making people laugh.

23. March 2009, 19:51:42
Subject: Re: Prize for Tournament Victory Delayed?
MrWCF: It has to be completed

1. March 2009, 01:47:08
Subject: Re: Tournaments
Who are the 2 people you speak of who help support the site with prize tournaments? I know many more then 2.

17. September 2008, 17:46:31
Ian, what are the chances of fencer implementing a brain entry Pond?

13. September 2008, 23:12:19
Subject: Re: Team tournaments Thanks for your reply, and I will follow your directions. I enjoyed the "no days off" as I played in that tournament and was so surprised of the time spent on that tournament. Many players complain about the times, and some are playing games that started 2 years ago. I can't speak for others, but can suggest from players at the friendship club 2 that they don't like long limit games, and since I make them 3 days or less, many more are playing. I guess if we had "shorter" team tornaments, we could enjoy more team events, Nobody complained to me about the no days off backgammon tournament as well.

13. September 2008, 22:20:55
Subject: Re: Team tournaments

13. September 2008, 21:56:40
Subject: Team tournaments
Is there any reason why we can't get some spider variants or other line game team tournaments? I know others have requested the same in the past, and many line players ask me as well. I don't understand why the same team tournament games are being played again so soon as well.

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