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17. February 2018, 03:02:56
Subject: Brainking 2018 Championship - sign up now!
There is still time! Many games need only one more player!

Brainking 2018 Championship  

2. February 2018, 03:33:34
Subject: Brainking 2018 Championship - sign up now!
Modified by Aganju (2. February 2018, 03:45:15)
Brainking 2018 Championship   - sign up now! 

23. December 2017, 12:42:42
Subject: Re: Question.
crosseyed: i think you got the concept wrong. The creator of the tournament doesn’t get the entry fee, he has no advantage from creating the tournament. The Tournament itself collects the entry fees, and when it gets cancelled, they get returned to everybody. That has worked automatically for years, and never was an issue.
So it doesn’t matter at all who leaves and when.

21. December 2017, 14:58:09
Subject: Re: Second place winners???
Carnie: on first glance, it looks like a funny idea, but consider that:
In the final game, both players will of course immediately resign; so it’s purely random whoever gets the first move = first chance to resign.

5. October 2017, 13:51:38
Subject: Re: I am a ghost player
long: you might not have had enough free game slots or tournament participation slots, which results in you getting dropped from the tournament automatically.

1. September 2017, 00:02:56
Subject: Re: Team Tournaments
MadMonkey: For some reason, we cannot sign up for the Backgammon team Tournament (Knights); it says: "Your team does not have enough players eligible to play team tournaments (Brain Knight or higher level)." which is untrue - we have six players, five rooks and one Knight.
Any idea, anyone?

Sept 2017 Backgammon XXIII

(not sure if you can see this) The Knights

12. November 2016, 00:00:36
Subject: Re: Find Chess Tournaments
Modified by Aganju (12. November 2016, 00:01:27)
LeoChessNut: There is a filter. Try for example to see the result.

22. September 2016, 16:58:01
Subject: Re:
Doris: This tournament is only for members of that Fellowship.

18. August 2016, 21:53:54
Backgammon to 9 - for Brains - FAST - only one more player needed for some games

16. August 2016, 14:39:12
Modified by Aganju (16. August 2016, 14:39:42)

16. May 2016, 17:24:29
Subject: Re:
Justaminute: I see 1487 tournaments. Do you use this link?
Maybe you have set personal filters, i don't remember what is possible.

16. May 2016, 16:54:42
Subject: Re:
Justaminute: There are tons of each, for example All games; 5 players; fast start. It must be your settings.

26. December 2015, 17:27:47
Subject: Re: Just wondering...
ketchuplover: there is no 'official' site championships.For some years, there were inofficial 'World Championships', for all games, but I think whoever did those stopped doing them - I haven't seen any in awhile.
If you think we should have them - like for 2016 - I like the idea - the search for that tournament and check how it was setup (maybe message with the creator if you want to be nice) and set them up. I would participate.
Make sure the timing settings are so they appeal to a broad audience, to get maximum participation, and chose a style that doesn't drag the tournaments out forever.

20. December 2015, 15:58:37
Subject: Re: Which tournament??
Modified by Aganju (20. December 2015, 15:59:00) ok, thanks!
I would have never guessed that it was about a team tournament - after all, I did not win it, we did....

So it seems that the captain of the team gets this event send, but it contains no details or links.

18. December 2015, 06:12:03
Subject: Which tournament??
Modified by Aganju (18. December 2015, 06:12:26)
Today I got an event (evid=5723373): "You are the tournament winner", and when I open it, it says: "You are the winner of this tournament."

No links or details... how do I know which tournament I won? Anyone any idea?

The event came at 17. December 2015, 21:05:01 (EST), that's all info I have. I tried to look through the list of won tournaments in my profile, but there is nothing listed that finished this month...

19. July 2015, 16:14:10
Subject: Re: 25 brains entry
furbster: I always wonder why many people make Backgammon tournaments with no doubling cube. Backgammon has a certain percentage of luck in it, which gets reduced significantly by playing for a higher game count, and the doubling cube is a critical part of the game logic.
Personally, I avoid tournaments where there is only a match to one point, because the game is too much chance under those circumstances.
Don't get me wrong - I am not criticizing you, furbster, and it's of course your right to make any tournament you like. I just see many of those, and I don't join them for that reason, and it makes me wonder why even strong players create them this way. Do you care to explain?

6. May 2015, 04:03:12
Subject: Re: I agree. Sounds like a good idea.
Or what about this: if the Pawn has finished all his game(s) in the tournament, he can join another one? It is not his fault that the others have not yet finished?

23. April 2015, 19:10:47
Subject: Re: looking for players
Modified by Aganju (23. April 2015, 19:11:22)
Doris: There is a minimum of 2000 on the BKR on the tournament, that might be the reason. The message is not too clear.

26. February 2015, 04:29:31
Subject: Re: Open Tournament Count?
happyjuggler0: good point.
But then the next-page buttons shouldn't go up to the twenties, right?

26. February 2015, 04:09:20
Subject: Open Tournament Count?
When I check the open tournaments, it shows a total of 1472. But when I page through, there are only 65!

What happened to the other 1407? I understand that the tournament creator can ban me from his tournaments, but a) I thought I would still see it, just can't join; and b) am I that much hated, so 96% of all tournaments are blocked for me?

16. February 2015, 22:28:34
Subject: Re: Open Invite: Top 10% Faster Backgammoners for 2015 3-4
Justaminute: It's still unclear who is included in that 10%.

- without provisional and without inactive players? - there are 553, so the cutoff is at 55th position which is (right now) 2302.

- with provisional but without inactive players? - there are 590, so the cutoff is at 59th position which is (right now) 2296.

- with provisional and with inactive players? - there are 6263, so the cutoff is at 626th position which is (right now) 2165.

- without provisional but with inactive players? - there are 3627, so the cutoff is at 326th position which is (right now) 2212.

If you say 'clearly, the first', what if I am inactive or my rating is provisional (or both)?

Also, nobody can know if you made the cut at any given time between now and the tournament start; someone would need to continuously check. Therefore, I assume he would check about at the tournament start, which is slightly different than at the moment you signed up. So - better let you losing games sit around a bit, or you might not make the cut anymore on that day?

15. February 2015, 16:08:42
Subject: Re: Open Invite: Top 10% Faster Backgammoners for 2015 3-4
ThunderGr: I find it also too cumbersome to check each discipline, especially as it is a moving target - I might be in today, and out tomorrow.
In addition, and I mentioned that before, the top 10% are mostly people that do not play anymore, so effectively this limits it to 2 or 3 % of active players. Which is to small a pool I think.

And finally, I am simply not good enough to make it into the top 10% of most games, so I stopped checking.

24. October 2014, 17:44:57
Subject: Re: Adventure XI is done!
Resher: No, I am waiting for the creator - joshitm - to make one.

23. October 2014, 21:12:23
Subject: Adventure XI is done!
Adventure XI is finally finished! Started in early Dec2012, it took nearly 23 months.

23. October 2014, 21:03:43
Subject: Re: Open Invite: Top 10% Faster Backgammoners for 2014 11-12
TC: As I mentioned the previous time he started this tourney, the primary problem I see (aside from the fact that it is obnoxious to check the 10% for each game) is that most of the people in the top 10% are not playing anymore or not since a long time. That way, only 1% really are effectively eligible.

4. August 2014, 13:56:10
Subject: Re:
DeaD man WalkiN: we cannot read your events, even with the link - they are private. So I have no idea what you are trying to point out.

12. July 2014, 16:01:21
Subject: Number of Games!?
This tourney is coming up: The Big Prize Tournament 2014
I wonder if I should join, it seems like it gives me around 1200 games !? [128 games * 9 opponents in the group, minus a bit for smaller groups]

Did I miss something?

10. February 2014, 02:15:07
Subject: Re: The Legend is Back 2
rod03801: First, only active players? Or inactive too? Only established BKRs? or provisional too? That leaves four combinations to pick from.
Second, for me this page very often shows (incorrectly, of course) "Your current position is 1 of 1", which result in me having to do many clicks to even find my position.

9. February 2014, 23:47:28
Subject: Re: The Legend is Back 2
Modified by Aganju (9. February 2014, 23:47:42)
TC: I checked that last time and I think I am outside those 10% in all games. I think you will run into the issue that a significant number of those 10% are not playing anymore just sitting there. But otherwise I like the idea.
Here a hint how you can make it easier for potential participants: Obviously, because of your 10%-cutoff-point, the minimum rating needed is different for each game. You could list that minimum rating, so anyone can see right away if he falls into it. I found it rather tiresome to scroll through the full list to find out how many people are in total in the list, divide it by ten, and then find the rating of that position to see if I make it. If you do that once, you save everybody that work, and maybe get more players? Not me though...

27. October 2013, 12:44:01
Subject: Re:
ketchuplover: is that a trick? Or would that be a treat?

3. October 2013, 00:11:14
Subject: Re:
computeropponen: FYI, the BKR never claimed to be mappable in any way to FIDE ratings. It follow a rather simple rule that only result in a relative difference; the absolute value has no meaning. Typically, games where a lot of people play, the ratings spread out very far (see Ludo or Runs); games where only a small number of people play, 1512 is already a top-10 rating (Portuguese Checkers). That is just a consequence of the definition.

I agree that 2000+ in Chess is probably about a FIDE master rating. Which implies that we have about 155 FIDE masters plus cheaters here.

2. October 2013, 16:36:38
Subject: Re:
computeropponen: This is an old discussion; it seems that 90% of the top-rated 100 chess players here on BK are using software (in other words: cheating), as they are just too good to be true.
I have talked with one player that is a verified International FIDE Master and he barely can make it into the top 50 players. So either all world class chess players are here under secret IDs (including all the dead ones), or there are cheaters between them.

Again, note that this is an ongoing (and by now boring) discussion on all gaming sites; some claim that the rules don't disallow software so it is not officially cheating (correct), some claim that it is a lie and that they are just that good (hard to believe for me), and some just never answer if asked.
And some might be really that good.

1. October 2013, 23:18:31
Subject: Re: Is this a bug?
Modified by Aganju (1. October 2013, 23:19:14)
computeropponen: What I mean is that getting a draw is a slightly better result for the lower rated person (imagine you play chess with Karpov and manage to get a draw), and therefore the lower rated person gets in the next round.
A better alternative would be of course to play another game, but first, that is the choice of the person setting up the tournament (and he chose different), and second, that has other issues, like it could go on forever while all others wait.

Anyway, this is how it is defined, and who doesn't like it has the choices to not enter such a tournament or suck it up and play. And any tournament creator can define that matches are for '1 point', which results in repeat game, instead of choosing '1 game', which forces this kind of decision after a draw.

2. September 2013, 06:55:12
Subject: Re: Is this a bug?
happyjuggler0: it depends on the way the tournament was setup. If it is for one point, you would have another match. If it was for one game, that game is done and that's it. In this case, a draw results in the lower ranked participant moving into the next round (a draw is considered a 'little win' as he should have lost with the lower ranking)

10. August 2013, 23:27:15
Subject: Re: Can somebody explain something to me?
Modified by Aganju (10. August 2013, 23:27:34)
JerNYC: Because the complexity of verifying this fact can be extraordinary high, and even if it is low in many cases, someone has to code it for those cases.
The owner of this site has made it very clear, multiple times, that this or any other improvement of BrainKing is not high on his list of life priorities, so no such code is to be expected.

2. July 2013, 02:24:07
Subject: 10 free Brains to win for Espionage!
Modified by Aganju (2. July 2013, 02:24:53)
Come on guys, just some more people for all Espionage variants! there are 10 free Brains to win in each game, thanks to R.A.D.Y.!


26. June 2013, 18:58:30
Subject: Re: Wow
furbster: I hope that doesn't happen, because I am offline for two weeks before the 20th, so I would lose on time... I actually rely on it starting only that day.

3. May 2013, 01:09:54
Subject: Re: Prize tournament.
Modified by Aganju (3. May 2013, 01:10:11)
crosseyed: But they are not added to the tournament!

8. March 2013, 22:47:51
Subject: Fast Tourney - All Games - Fast Start -Groups of 5
Fast Tourney - All Games - Fast Start -Groups of 5

Warning: This tournament is not for slow players, you will time out. Don't sign up, if you cannot or do not want to make moves often enough.

If you like fast play, this should be right for you!

28. February 2013, 01:05:10
Subject: Free prize (6 month Rook)! FAST Go 9 tourney
Modified by Aganju (8. March 2013, 02:13:47)

8. July 2012, 01:42:58
Subject: Re:
iv2: what's that 'Coin Chess' thing so many people are whining about, and why do we need it?

30. April 2012, 02:54:12
Subject: Mini-Shogi for 6 month Rook Price!

21. April 2012, 04:15:27
Subject: Mini-Shogi PRICE Tournament - 6 month Brain Rook
Modified by Aganju (21. April 2012, 04:17:10)

15. February 2012, 19:49:54
Subject: Re:
MadMonkey: seconded!

21. December 2011, 17:39:27
Subject: Re:
Modified by Aganju (21. December 2011, 17:40:01)
Chaosu: Did you call him names maybe?
Otherwise, I agree. Copying the generated tournament completion mail is useless if the tournament has multiple games.
Actually, the good fix would be to have the message enhanced, but until then, when you copy and post it, you should add the game name.

28. November 2011, 03:40:49
Subject: Re: tournament question
likewowman2cool: interesting question.
- you have no 20 games running
- you have no tournament running

Maybe the tournament owner booted you? But the text would clearly say that.
How many games did you sign up for? Only that one (Triple Dice Poker 6D)? Or multiples?

Maybe the routine is not calculating correctly, and thought that you would get too many games with the tournament; but that would be wrong.

What happens if you try to get into it again? What message do you get?

20. November 2011, 00:57:52
Subject: Line Classics
Line Classics - Random game types: Five in Line, Line4, Pro Five in Line, Swap Five in Line, Connect6, Lines of Action, Breakthrough.

30. October 2011, 22:30:36
Subject: Trick or Treat Tournaments!
Modified by Aganju (30. October 2011, 22:32:20)
Only one hour left!

Backgammon for Brains (to 9 points) - win over 50 brains!

Random Treats (to 3 points) - Random Halloween Sweets (close your eyes while grabbing one)

13. October 2011, 04:50:24
Subject: Re: any idea
Modified by Aganju (13. October 2011, 04:50:56)
furbster: You made it go away! Success!!!

Now there is one more broken. It is finished since long, but hang still there.

11. October 2011, 01:29:57
Subject: Re: any idea
furbster: Lol. Agreed.
Be careful though, probably half the players on the list have retired by now, so once it is started, it will probably run another 10000 days.

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