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Interview s užívateľom monday (29. decembra 2008)

If this was your site what would be the first thing you'd change? (if any)
It's only been recently I log on to Brainking for the reason it was play games. I can't think of anything I would change concerning games because I'm not a technical person. From a social aspect, things have changed so much in the last couple of years. Mods have less of a headache than they used to. General Chat used to be akin to a flame fellowship. The usual suspects have gone away or lightened up quite a bit. ;) I would like to see mods allow adult conversations to die down or get back on track without them feeling the need to jump in when things get off topic. It's like being in trouble with the principal. lol I respect everyone with a mod postion, and I enjoy having a place to discuss topics and play games with people from all over the world. :)

How did you find about BrainKing? What made you stick around?
Bwild told me about BK. I stuck around to cause him grief. JK! I love the social aspect of BK and the games....chatting with people from all over the world and different cultures. I never gave a flip about the Brits before I came here. Now I want to be one lol

Why Tuesday? Don't you like Sundays better?
I chose "Tuesday" from a song by Lynrd Skynrd (sp) "Tuesday's Gone". I love Sundays as well, but I'm too mean to call myself after such a special day. ;)

i know your a real animal lover do you get involved in any of the animal right causes in America
I am a paying member of the Humane Society of North Arkansas. I donate, but don't have time to put in. There are strays in town I feed; a beautiful dog with puppies under the Alltel building, and a cat in town. I feed the kitties next door because they were abandoned. It's says a lot when these innocent creatures are afraid of humans. You wonder what they have been through. I keep food in my car in case I run into a hungry looking animal on the road. Once I stopped to feed a dog covered in burrs. He/she ran to me wagging the tail and sniffed the food, looked at like I was nuts and walked up the driveway to it's house I puilled off to. lol I once snagged a kitty from the recycling center yard I thought had been dumped because I drop my stuff off after hours when the gate is closed. She was here for 3 days and disappeared. I went to the center when it was open and saw loads of stray cats the workers were feeding. I goofed by taking the cat I guess.

Do you buy meat that is on sale due to being close to its "best before" date?
I wouldn't buy meat that was on sale due to expiration date. Bread is a different story. :) You can always put a moist paper towel over stale bread and put it in the microwave.

Why did "New Coke" fail?
Coke jumped the shark when they changed the recipe. They got too big for their britches. I am a Pepsi person. :)

Which do you prefer:TV Batman or movie Batman? and why
Holy inquisition Jim! I prefer the movie as an adult and purchased the latest, with Heath Ledger, as a Christmas gift. I thought Robin should have been used more in the movies, and always thought Michael J. Fox would have made a better one than Chris what's his name. In the tv series a person could at least read the violence...."POW!"

What do you want for Christmas?
I wanted a lawnmower and a vacuum cleaner lol I want for Christmas to be decommercialized. A lot of people are hurting over the stress and pressure of it. People act like fools and trample each other in stores because they have told little kids about a make believe character. Sorry. I told my first child about Santa until he thought (poor) kids who didn't get anything were bad. After he turned 6 and the last two boys came along, I told them "if I can find it and if I can afford it." They always got what they wanted. lol

What would be your next holiday destination if you didn't have to worry about money? (outside your country)
If I knew enough about how it was celebrated in other countries, I could answer that better. I think my answer again would be Ireland. In my country, it would be Branson, Missouri because of the light show. I live close enough, but have never seen the light show around Christmas time.

What's the best Christmas present you ever gave someone?
I once told a companion we didn't have to celebrate Christmas one year because his business was struggling. I bought his mother a nice gift because he couldn't. Last year, I gave someone the book about the two legged dog named Faith, and he gave it to me as well. We had never discussed the story about the dog. It was so neat. One year, when money was tight, I gave my oldest son who has an apartment, six housecleaning certificates. I never had time to clean his apartment, so by the end of the next year, when finances were better, I bought them back. He ended up with a much better gift. :)

What have you done so far to change the world (even if just a small portion of the world, even if just 1 person's life)?
Three big chunks of my life have been dedicated to children, the developmentally disabled and the elderly. Your question made me think, and I didn't really feel as if I was doing enough. I don't like to toot my own horn, and my kids don't even most of what I have done. I have seen people sitting in front of businesses with back packs etc, and will strike up a conversation to find out if they want help. You can hurt people's pride being overly full of your helpful self. I have bought food and drinks for people, have given gas money to strangers etc. The only thing I will never do is pick up hitchhikers, or allow strangers in my car. It will not kill anyone to walk. :) We can make a difference by doing small things. Offer someone your newspaper at the next table at the deli, cafe etc. when you are finished. Look the elderly in the eye sitting on a bench or in a store and say hi. The aged say they feel invisiable, and I guess it depends on what part of the world or country you are from. Being freindly can get you some dirty looks lol. It doesn't matter what job you do. Selling coffee or fast food, etc. A friendly remark or smile can bring some people back from the brink. Commit random acts of kindness. :)

whats your fav colour?
My favorite colors to look at are green and lavender. My fav to decorate are browns and greens. My fav to wear are earth tones, browns etc, because of my red hair and complexion. If I wear green I look like death warmed over.

where would you like to travel in Europe if you had the chance?
I yearn for "Areland". I have kinfolk in Ireland and have always wondered if I would see the likeness of my dad there. Bluegrass music made my soul jump for joy beofre I knew it's origins.

What's your fav foods?
I will eat anything except hominy and polk salad (sallet). Hominy smells like an outhouse (yes I've been in one) and polk sallet smells like poison. I used to gather polk for my mom cuz I was a good kid. :)

What hobbies do you have if any?
Hello Do!
The things I enjoy doing are writing poetry, although I have to be inspired. :) Before college I was an avid reader, then when I was having to read for assignments, I lost that joy and haven't read much for pleasure. I love outdoor acitivites such as camping, hiking and canoeing. I have camped and hiked alone but an incident this past summer changed that. On a fluke my two younger sons went hiking with me to an island we always camped on that flood waters had recently receded. On the way back to our car, which was parked on the other side of a blockade across a bridge, a park ranger pulled up and asked if the campfire was ours down the road. It was, but it was only still smoking from us having doused it with water. Two unibomber looking men came from behind some trees, threw something down and walked the other direction. I told the park ranger I was glad he came, and he called to the guys and we left. I'm afraid to think what would have happened if I had been alone. Oh yeah.....I want to take painting classes. I can sketch pretty well, but don't do it enough. Thanks for asking :)

Where did the rollers go?
The rollers were giving me a headache and people in Walmart were starting to stare and point. :))

How much time a week do you budget for the search for Bin Laden?
One day, before my hiking scare, I was hiking in Mark Twain forest alone. I swear I saw Bin Laden running with his skirt flying and head thingy all tattered and torn. The next day I set out bait; soap, deoderant, toothbrush, etc., and I hid up in a tree. He sniffed it, but ran before I could drop a net. I tried another day and set up speakers blaring with speeches from Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinam (sp) and "I am Woman" by Helen Reddy. I heard agonized screaming, but haven't seen him since. Last I heard he was spotted running into a cave in Blanchard Springs, Arkansas.

How do you react if someone butts in line in front of you?
I stew for a few seconds, ram the person with my shopping cart, and run from the store yelling "FIRE!"

Has a famous hero of yours ever disappointed you? and how
I have two famous heroes. The first is Jesus Christ. He has never disappointed me, but I know I disappoint him on a daily basis. My second famous hero is Rosa Parks. The fact that a lady from the south was asked to give up her seat to a man is bad enough. Being treated like a dog because of a God given gift such as race is sickening. She was tough, and the only thing that disappoints me is she didn't live to see Barack Obama as president. Two famous people who have disappointed me, but are not my heroes, are Al Gore and Brad Pitt. lol When Gore chose Lieberman as VP candidate, I got the same feeling I did when McCain chose Palin...he was patronizing voters and thought he was a shoe in. I held my nose when I voted in the 2000 election. Brad Pitt is a local boy who came from a good family and fell for Smarmalia Jolie. She always goes for men who are taken as if she has no other choices. I don't care what good they have done in their charity work, what they did publicly will come back to them the same way. It's only a matter of time. Jennifer Aniston may be over it, but a lot of us aren't lol.

why do you think people ask such odd questions for these interviews?
I think because of the censorship here, but actually, I've enjoy all the questions, and found a way to elaborate. :)

Have you ever sat on Santa's
I don't remember ever sitting on Santa's lap. I've sat on laps (a couple) of people who could play Santa. I like big, burly men . Enough about me lol

whats your comfort food?
Sweets are my comfort foods, but it isn't really comforting when I beat myself up over it. Mashed potatoes and gravy make me feel all warm and comfy inside. :)

of all the lovely animals that face extinction if you had the chance to save one which one would it be?
Gosh, I'm not sure of all the animals that face extinction, but I know the wolf and polar bear are on the list. They are both in the same family and I love them both. I would have to say polar pears if I had to pick. They are unique and beautiful. If I had to pick from all animals, it would be a choice between birds and dogs. I love the music from the singing of birds on a warm morning. It makes me happy. I believe dogs were put here for a reason; to be our companions. They aren't part of the ecosystem, they just love us no matter what we do or say, and don't judge us. I adore kitties too. I think dogs would win out of all animals. :)

If you could pick 3 people on this site to meet in person, who would they be and why?
Is it ok if I have 3 categories? It's difficult to name just three. The first category would be all my friends here past and present, you know who you are. :) including anyone I have chatted with on the boards. The second category would anyone whose identity is questioned. The third would be people who intrigue me; Slam, Andre Faria, Lucky Cat, Danoschek, Fencer, Dark Vamp and ClayinNashvilleTn :)

What do you do for fun when you aren't playing on here?
I love to karaoke, hike with my dogs behind my house, (even my cats try to follow), rollerskaking-blading (it's even more fun-hilarious if I haven't done it in awhile), get together with my sisters, and anything outdooors. I love nature and it brings everything into perspective.

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