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1) General
1.1) BrainKing pages are shown in a foreign language which I don't understand. How can I fix it?
2) Login issues
2.1) When I try to log in with my user name and password, I get a response "Invalid user name or password!".
2.2) I don't remember my password and the email address registered with my account is not valid anymore.
2.3) When I try to log in, all I get is a blank white screen.
3) Games
3.1) All games
3.1.1) I have received a message that my game was deleted. How can it happen?
3.1.2) I play a game with no time control and my opponent stopped moving, so it seems that the game will never finish. What can I do now?
3.1.3) Můj soupeř měl prohrát překročením času, ale místo toho BrainKing přidal další hodinu pro provedení tahu. Co to znamená?
3.1.4) My game notification option is set but I still don't receive an email when my opponent makes a move. How can I fix it?
3.2) Chess
3.2.1) After I moved my pawn two spaces forward, my opponent made a strange diagonal move with own pawn and my pawn disappeared. What happened?
3.2.2) One of the draw situations occured (threefold repetition of the position, two bare kings, 50 moves without a capture, etc.) but the game was not automatically finished as a draw.
3.3) Checkers
3.3.1) When I click a piece to move, it automatically performs a sequence of jumps, although it seems that I can choose from several different jumping paths to do. Why wasn't I given a choice?
3.4) Backgammon
3.4.1) BrainKing does not allow me to make a move with my selected piece or the "swap dice" link is missing, but the target position (according to the dice value) is not blocked by opponent's pieces. Why cannot I make this move?
4) Rating
4.1) What is BKR and how is it calculated?
4.2) I play a game with an unrated player. How does it affect my BKR?
4.3) Although I had finished a game, my BKR did not change! Is that an error?
5) Membership
5.1) Membership prices are listed in Euro but I don't know how much it is in my currency. Where can I find current exchange rates?
5.2) I want to upgrade to the Brain Rook level but my Brain Knight (or Bishop) membership has not expired yet. What would happen to the rest of my current level?
5.3) I would like to purchase a higher membership level but I cannot afford to pay your prices. Is there any other way?
6) Tables
6.1) Poker
6.1.1) When I click the speaker icon to enable sounds, a message "Error! Unable to play sounds." appears. How can I fix it?
6.1.2) Jak mohu získat více žetonů?
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