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Profile: Fencer

Fencer (Filip Rachůnek) - White Brain King, 57 Brains, 985 achievement points
Total score: 7811 wins, 541 draws, 4799 losses, 157 won tournaments

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Fencer's stairs:
Name Match type Step (your/max) Time control (?) Creator
Fast Stairs (Fevga)2 games match8/12 1 dayFencer
Very Fast Fischer's Stairs (PahTum)Normal game7/12 3/0.3/7Fencer
Very Fast Fischer's Stairs (Chess)Normal game7/17 3/0.3/7Fencer
Standard Stairs (Chess)2 games match7/13 4 daysFencer
Very Fast Fischer's Stairs (Jungle)Normal game6/6 3/0.3/7Fencer
Very Fast Fischer's Stairs (Parachute Checkers)Normal game6/6 3/0.3/7Fencer
Fast Stairs (Chess)2 games match6/13 1 dayFencer
Fast Stairs (Breakthrough)2 games match5/5 1 dayFencer
Very Fast Fischer's Stairs (Spider Linetris)Normal game5/11 3/0.3/7Fencer
Slow Stairs (Chess)2 games match5/12 7 daysFencer
Standard Stairs (Breakthrough)2 games match4/5 4 daysFencer
Who's the ultimate badass? (Battleboats Plus)2 games match4/4 10 daysRipley
Slow Stairs (Breakthrough)2 games match3/3 7 daysFencer
Very Fast Fischer's Stairs (Tank Battle)Normal game3/3 3/0.3/7Fencer
Stairs of Lorien (Knight Fight)2 games match2/2 5 daysHelenaTanein
Náhodné stoupání (Random game)2 games match2/9 4 daysHelenaTanein
CHANCE on the stairs (Frog Finder)2 games match2/5 2 dayskonec
Stairs of Lorien (Spider Linetris)2 games match2/7 5 daysHelenaTanein
TEMNÁ VĚŽ (Mancala)2 games match1/2 7 daysKrecik

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