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 Feature requests

Do you miss something on BrainKing.com and would you like to see it here? Post your request into this board!
If there is a more specific board for the request, (i.e. game rule changes etc) then it should be posted and discussed on that specific board.

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4. February 2007, 23:02:43
Subject: Frog Finder Graphic Improvement?
Just a short request to help out those dislexic people (like myself ) that want to make a guess and click on shoot and want to shoot and click on guess!

Display on the square of the board a "?" when one initially clicked on "guess" and display a gun shot, or some sort of image that means "shoot" , when one initially clicked on "shoot". Presently there is a red square highlighting that something is ocurring there, but it would sure be helpful to have these other images instead!

Hope it is possible to implement this: it should not take much! :)

27. September 2006, 13:14:25
Subject: Re: Accepting Invitation Message
Fencer: Yes, because at the moment, it reaches the person with the first move: it is just funny/odd that I get my own message if I am the one in the first move! ;-)

26. September 2006, 23:06:55
Subject: Accepting Invitation Message
I keep forgetting to suggest this, but when one accepts a game invitation and writes a message to the inviting player, that message never reaches the invitee! (or nobody has ever replied to my invitations with a message!). My suggestion would then be that if one replies with a message to an invitation, either the invitee gets also a message saying "your invitation was accepted with the following message..." or that that message is automatically added to the history of messages of the current game (like a message on move zero :-) )

23. September 2006, 17:33:25
Subject: Re: Random games tournaments
Mr. Shumway: I think the idea is good, but it would probably be a little difficult for the "creator" to come up with those probabilities. If they are automatically made by a poll, that would make it easier. I am guessing it would be a lot of implementing to do on Fencers part though :(

My suggestion to make the random games more interesting, is that when you create say a "five match random game", that you actually do get five times a different game. It would probably "ruin" the statistics department, but a special slot could be opened just for "random games"... or just make random-games not affect BKR.

15. September 2006, 23:25:38
Subject: Re: Battlebboats games
El Cid: I don't know if this is what was meant, but a cool feature would be to be able to "drag and drop" the boats onto the board! That would really help out big time! :)

3. September 2006, 23:25:51
Subject: Re: Action point request
Brian1971: i second your thought! But I'd add rewarding only in case the tournament is at least 8 players and the same for the Pond (16 players here and moving every day or so). It would make moving consciously again of higher priority! ;-)

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