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Tournament winners (BURDUFG)
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Brains for Mackenzie Foy's birthday
Fast Wealthy Elimination Brains W12
Brains for Steve McQueen's birthday
Brains for Steve McQueen's birthday
Wealthy Games W11
Brains for Jerry Lewis's birthday
Fast Elimination 700 Brains W8
Fast Wealthy Elimination Brains W9
Wealthy Games W9
Wealthy Games W7
Eliminazione 500 brains
Wealthy Games W1
Fast Elimination 800 Brains W52
Fast Elimination 750 Brains W50
Fast Backgammon 12
Fast Wealthy Elimination Brains W50
Fast Elimination 950 Brains W47
Fast Wealthy Elimination Brains W43
Fast Wealthy Elimination Brains W41
400 brains games W41
300 Brains games W39
300 Brains games W39
Wealthy games W36
3/3 Top 3 Games
2/2 Ludo & Backgammon
2 wins match
Plakoto for brains
Crazy games
Super Slow Knockout #1 12/Aug/16
Fast Knockout
January Backgammon
Aηythiηg Goεs (April Tourny)
§trawberryHeaven (SE/4)
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