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Tournament winners (Republic of Uganda*1235*)
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Nov 2017 Mojo's 6th Triple Dice Poker 6D
Oct 2016 Somniphobia VII (Dice Chess)
Feb 2015 You sunk my Battleboats Plus X
Aug 2014 Ludo XI
Dec 2013 You sunk my Battleboats Plus IX
Nov 2013 Ludo X
Aug 2013 The Minion's Dice Poker #6
Aug 2013 Catch 3 Kings Dice Chess 10x10 #3
April 2013 Mojo's 4th Triple Dice Poker 6D
Feb 2013 PahTum #3
June 2012 Ludo IX
30.04.12 - Reversi for 8 :)
March 2012 You sunk my Battleboats Plus
March 2012 Somniphobia III (Dice Chess)
BIG BAD Bark BattleBoats Birthday Bash2
Jan 2011 Battleboats PLUS
BIG BAD Bark BattleBoats Birthday Bash!
Jan 2010 Espionage
A Hat Full of Sky
Nov 2009 Meow Cheshire Cat Lines of Action
Sept 2009 Halma 10x10 (NO DAYS OFF)
May 2009 - Fellowship Choice #2 - Backgammon
March 2009 - Fellowship Choice #1 - Knight Fight
Jan 2009 Somniphobia (Dice Chess)
Witches Abroad
Sept 2008 Can you Connect 6?
July 2008 Backgammon (standard vacation)
May 2008 Stampy's Knight Fight
Mar 2008 Nemo's Grasshopper
Mar 2008 Heathcliff's Sphere Froglet
Jan 2008 Halma = Greek word meaning jump
Jan 2008 Ready - Set - RACE!
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Lord Of The Rings
The Final Frontier
Return of the Jedi
Never Say Never Again
Casino Royale
Die Another Day
Live and Let Die
Diamonds Are Forever
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