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user scripting
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We do not play games here!
We talk about BrainKing itself, HTML, and JavaScript ... how dull can we get?
We have two boards to chat on: user scripting, and AutoPlayer. The first is dedicated to user scripting (Greasemonkey et al), the second is dedicated to the AutoPlayer.

  • Do you use Firefox? With greasemonkey installed? I do!
  • Do you use Opera version 8 beta 3 or later?
  • Do you use Microsoft Internet Explorer? With greasemonkIE installed?
  • Do you use Microsoft Internet Explorer? With Trixie installed?
If you do, this fellowship is for you.

Installation for Greasemonkey on Firefox:
When you have greasemonkey installed you will have a smiling monkey on the bottom right of the firefox window.
Browse to any script (useful scripts) and click "Install"; to install scripts for BrainKing, please join the fellowship where the links are available.

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