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Kunoichi (J Miller) - Brain Pawn, 0 Brains, 105 achievement points
Total score: 881 wins, 42 draws, 770 losses, 27 won tournaments

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Membership:Brain Pawn
Country:United States
First login:6. July 2007, 16:13:23
Last action:14. December 2007, 05:10:12 - logging out
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Weekend days:Saturday and Sunday
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Description:Kunoichi = Female Ninja

I'm trying not to get into too many games right now, as I recently got a brainrook for one year and accedentally joined way too many games. Therefore I am not playing as a fast as I want to be able to, and I won't be able to accept too many more invitations to games until I finish more the ones I'm already in.

In addition to playing here, since I have my own game website, I am very good at discovering game bugs/exploits caused by PHP/javascript imperfections, and have reported many of these already. HOwever, I am still looking for more, as I am already aware of a few players here who cheat for higher ratings. I plan to continue finding the ways that others are cheating to report them. If you know of someone who is cheating, please tell me about them and show me an example, because I am willing to take my time to see these people banned/suspended. Having had problems with cheaters on my own site, I have low tolerance for such people.

In general, I try to be friendly, and if you want to talk during games, I'm fine with that. Just as long as you aren't rude or anything. Unforunately I've found several rude and outright mean people here on BK, but luckily I'm not afraid to use the "Block User" option for such people, but it seems like the majority of people here are pretty cool and worth talking to.
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