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netvenus - Brain Pawn, 0 Brains, 115 achievement points
Total score: 2036 wins, 46 draws, 1992 losses, 40 won tournaments

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Membership:Brain Pawn
First login:14. April 2003, 10:31:09
Last action:16. December 2011, 06:09:51 - logging out
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Weekend days:Saturday and Sunday
Vacation days left:10 days - using the automatic vacation

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"SMILE" its the second best thing you can do with your lips.
I used to be SnowWhite and then I drifted.
I like playing backgammon... fast games are always best.

"words come easy, behind the screen, when there is no interface-to-face to be seen"


Torn City is without a doubt one of the biggest text based RPG games in terms of
content and player base on the internet. When you sign up you will start off weak,
but you choose the path of your life, every single player is unique! Work your
way up the ranks to become a superior brain surgeon living in a mansion. Or maybe
a lethal criminal who steals cars and kidnaps people. Or maybe a leader of a terrorist
faction who hires other players to hijack planes for money! Commit over 50 crimes with
hundreds of possible results. Marry your sweetheart and share one of 14 beautiful homes
together. Attack, mug, or hospitalize those who get in your way. Work out in one of Torn
City's gyms. Try your luck in the casino. Travel and shop in one of 8 vacation destinations.
Commit organized crimes or start a war with friends.  The list is endless!


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