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kid_game_2001 (Joseph Oesterling) - Brain Rook, 255 Brains, 1290 achievement points
Total score: 7897 wins, 339 draws, 16041 losses, 316 won tournaments

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BrainKing design
7. April 2007, 17:05:15
Subject: Re: Speed up game play
"Snoopy": Do you mean the 3104 moves I made on January 29, of this year? I don't know of anyone else it could be.

Not trying to go off topic, but within the next week I may aim to beat that record. I was thinking of pulling an all nighter on brainking and just skip sleep. Get on at 6pm when it resets and stay on probably til 9 am for some sleep. or not. I might just try that tonight
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