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bones43902 - Brain Pawn, 150 Brains, 110 achievement points
Total score: 1837 wins, 66 draws, 2123 losses, 37 won tournaments

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Country:United States
First login:4. September 2005, 09:45:08
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Description:I am a Believer in Jesus Christ the Risen Lord. If you've been wondering why I now greet all of you in my games with this message: "Good luck and God bless you. God loves you and so do I!" Please believe that it is sincere. I've been through a great deal in the last year or so and so has my family. If not for the Good Lord we'd never have gotten through it all. My faith has been tested many times. I've personally gone through cancer scares and dealt with it for my husband, been there to help my sister and her husband until he succumbed to cancer on July 3rd 2005. Nearly lost my father when he had his coronary bypass during the period of hurricane Katrina. Lost a very good friend to a heart attack in late November and her brother in the same week. My grandfather less than a month later. God has definitely shown me that He's a friend closer than a brother and that we all need Him. He's convicted me to let others know how much I love them and how much God loves them and let it give me opportunities to witness to people who are hurting as I have in the past.I recognise that not every person I play games with is a Christian. That is the whole point. I will not be ashamed to speak up for my Lord. If any of you don't like hearing it then by all means ignore it, but I will not appologise for my witness. I also love to do crafts. I knit, crochet, sew, latch hook, counted cross stitch, plastic canvas, fabric paint, embroider with thread or liquid, paint ceramics, applique. I even make my own designs for a lot of the mediums I work in. I also have a 15 month old grand daughter I absolutely adore, and who also lives with me. I am the Manager of the fellowship FRIENDLY FACES and we are all about making friends and helping people. I will play any of the boats games, any of the gammon games, Sphere froglet, or Ludo if invited.
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