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02i - Brain Pawn, 0 Brains, 10 achievement points
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First login:3. September 2005, 07:13:42
Last action:2. August 2006, 18:50:30 - viewing statistics
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Description:hi. my logo , 02i is short for zero to infinity. i believe that is what humanity is capable of ... they can spend their whole life without amounting to anything or they can achieve anything and everything if they so desire. its all about commitment , perseverence , effort and an iron strong will to do what it takes. we all have different starting points in life but rather than cry about the people ahead of you be grateful about being ahead of others not so fortunate as you.
money, power, fame, are all things that can do good and are great vessels for motivating oneself to strive for success as long as one remembers that they are all temporary.
the greatest gifts in this world are love, knowledge and good deeds. the best proof of that is that they grow more rather than get depleted by giving and sharing and are the only things that will last forever.
good luck in your quest for infinity.

hi again. if you went through the above few lines then let me just say that they are there more so for my benefit then for anyone elses. also some people asked me the meaning of 02i so i thought of putting it down on my profile page.

i am open to invites but if i decline the offer for whatever reason please dont take any offense. also i prefer games i can finish in one setting but ofcourse not everyone can play like that so i generally keep a 1-3 day game limit. this (*BRAINKING*) is a great site and i have met many wonderful people here. i generally add everyone i get to know a little to my friends list and ofcourse we all make exceptions for our friends so please dont consider me a hypocrite if you see me playing a game with more than a 3 day limit

since i am a pawn at the moment and can play 1 tour at a time , again i prefer lightning fast tours. if you know of one thats open or are creating one, feel free to invite me. so far ive only participated in BB+ tours ( My Forte ) and plan to join BB+ tourneys only for a while. maybe when i upgrade to a rook membership ,i'll join tours for other games. good luck and may God bless us all.
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