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Profile: Pbarb2

Pbarb2 (BARB) - Brain Pawn, 0 Brains, 305 achievement points
Total score: 2722 wins, 86 draws, 2803 losses, 66 won tournaments

Pbarb2's stairs:
Name Match type Step (your/max) Time control (?) Creator
ŊøøҜs έ Craηηίεs Spίral Staίrs (Hyper Backgammon)2 games match-/6 4 daysNirvana
Sinking Sensation (Backgammon)Normal game-/8 3 daysSarah
Turtle Stairs (Hyper Backgammon)2 wins match-/3 7 daysCrissie
Very Fast Fischer's Stairs (Backgammon)Normal game-/26 3/0.3/7Fencer
Standard Stairs (Hyper Backgammon)2 games match-/14 4 daysFencer
Fast Stairs (Hyper Backgammon)2 games match-/17 1 dayFencer
Welly's Dice Poker Stairs (Dice Poker)2 games match-/5 4 daysWellyWales
Stairway To The Throne (Hyper Backgammon)Normal game-/2 4 daysThe Usurper
pepíkovo tajemství (Hyper Backgammon)Normal game-/2 4 daysPokemon
Step to Heaven (Backgammon)2 points match-/3 2 daysPbarb2
Safe Haven Backgammon Stairs (Backgammon)2 games match-/5 5 dayswekke
ŊøøҜs έ Craηηίεs BacҜgammøη Spίral Staίrs (Backgammon)3 points match with doubling cube-/6 4 daysNirvana
Standard Stairs (Backgammon)2 games match-/21 4 daysFencer
Oldies but Goodies Stairs (Triple Dice Poker)2 games match-/3 4 daysbaddessi
My First Poker Game (Dice Poker)Normal game-/4 4 daysFoxy Lady
peter's place stairs (Dice Poker)2 games match-/2 7 daysnobody26
Stairway To The Throne (Backgammon)Normal game-/4 4 daysThe Usurper
peter's place stairs (Hyper Backgammon)2 games match-/4 7 daysnobody26
freindly faces stairs :) (Backgammon)2 games match-/5 5 daysanastasia
Step to Heaven (Hyper Backgammon)2 points match-/5 2 daysPbarb2
PEPÍKŮV ČAS (Hyper Backgammon)2 games match-/1 23 hoursPokemon
Premier Stairs - Normal Game - Backgammon (Backgammon)2 games match-/8 14 daysBry
Ponds Plus Backgammon Ladder (Backgammon)5 points match with doubling cube-/8 3 daysCzuch
Fast Stairs (Backgammon)2 games match-/16 1 dayFencer

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