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Profile: José Arcanjo

José Arcanjo (Jose Arcanjo) - Brain Pawn, 0 Brains, 45 achievement points
Total score: 205 wins, 0 draws, 286 losses, 0 won tournaments

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Finished games
Type Wins Draws Losses BKR Position WT
(last finished rated game) 
Brazilian Checkers (invite) (1. November 2022, 08:45:02)001unrated--
Chess (invite) (9. October 2022, 00:20:44)001unrated--
Dice Chess (invite) (27. January 2023, 12:16:23)2050280187298. (100.)-
Dice Chess 10x10 (invite) (22. November 2022, 18:33:36)003unrated--
Fischer Random Chess (invite) (12. January 2023, 01:49:07)001unrated--
Total20502861872 (Average BKR)

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