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Profile: alex3020

alex3020 - Brain Rook, 175 Brains, 315 achievement points
Total score: 1399 wins, 100 draws, 1591 losses, 83 won tournaments

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alex3020's tournaments:

  - Team tournaments

Elimination (Massacre Chess)
Elimination (Frog Finder)
Elimination (Breakthrough)
Elimination (PahTum)
Elimination (Spider Linetris)
Elimination (Halma 8x8)
Elimination (Spider Line4)
Elimination (Line4)
Elimination (Reversi 10x10)
Elimination (Reversi 6x6)
Elimination (Checkers)
Elimination (Loop Chess)
Elimination (Chess)
Jen tak (PahTum)
Jen tak (Halma 10x10)
Jen tak (Halma 8x8)
spring games (PahTum)
spring games (Line4)
spring games (Five in Line)
Lodě (Dark Battleboats)
Lodě (Battleboats Plus)
Lodě (Battleboats)
ALL GAMES (Frog Finder)
ALL GAMES (Battleboats Plus)
ALL GAMES (Spider Line4)
february games (PahTum)
february games (Spider Line4)
february games (Linetris)
february games (Line4)
february games (Reversi 8x8)
*133**1168* Coldplay *29**29* (Frog Finder)
*133**1168* Coldplay *29**29* (Hasami Shogi)
*1120**1120* The Kelpies *1268**1108* (Dark Battleboats)
*1120**1120* The Kelpies *1268**1108* (Battleboats Plus)
*1225**147* Orinoco Flow *102**1225* (Battleboats)
Frogs (Frog Finder)
*577**6* The Beatles *18**4* (Dark Battleboats)
*577**6* The Beatles *18**4* (Battleboats)
*1171**1139* *31* Safari *1167**1102**1119* (Dice Chess 10x10)
*1171**1139* *31* Safari *1167**1102**1119* (Dice Chess)
*1171**1139* *31* Safari *1167**1102**1119* (Dark Battleboats)
*1171**1139* *31* Safari *1167**1102**1119* (Battleboats Plus)
*1171**1139* *31* Safari *1167**1102**1119* (Battleboats)
Pah Tum (PahTum)
2 Games for each 2 players (Massacre Chess)
2 Games for each 2 players (Italian Checkers)
2 Games for each 2 players (Frog Finder)
2 Games for each 2 players (Ataxx)
2 Games for each 2 players (Assimilation)
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