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What do "Fellowships" mean?

Fellowships give any player with Brain Knight or higher level a possibility to join a "virtual game club" on Each fellowship is created and organized by its Big Boss (any player with Brain Rook or higher level), can contain player teams of all game types, its members can discuss at the fellowship's private discussion board. More features (internal Big-Boss-controlled fellowship tournaments, team tournaments, ...) will be implemented later.

Members of a fellowships can have ranks with different rights and features. This is a description of the ranks:
  • Member - normal fellowship member. He/she can join the teams, read and write to discussion boards of the fellowship.
  • Manager - besides all advantages of normal members he/she can become a captain of any team and set team ranks of their players.
  • Big Boss - the ruler of the fellowship. Besides all advantages of managers he/she can allow players to join his/her fellowship, ban players for this fellowship, set ranks of all members (define managers etc.) and write fellowship news (displayed on the fellowship's main page). Only a member with Brain Rook or higher level can become the Big Boss.

And this is a description of the team ranks:
  • Player - normal team member.
  • Captain - the team leader. He/she can throw players out of the team, organizes team matches etc. Only a member with manager or higher rank can become a team captain.

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