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Help - Tournaments and ponds - Tournament types - Single elimination

8.1.2) Single elimination

This tournament type is similar to "cup" or "playoff" sport events. The players are divided to pairs (based on their current BKRs) and a winner of each pair continues to the next round. The number of players is 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 or 128 which ensures that every round would contain an even number of players and the tournament can have only one winner. In order to keep the system simple, the player who continues to the next round must be always exactly determined after the game is finished. In case of a draw, the following rules apply:
  • A tournament can be defined only with normal games, multi-win matches or matches with a doubling cube. Multi-game and multi-point matches are disabled because they could lead to many draws as a final result.
  • If a draw occurs due to the game rules or an agreement of the players, the player with lower BKR advances to the next round (in case of equal BKRs, the player who did not start the game - black player in most games).
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