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2.1) Entry point

It is recommended to use only (or with default Czech language) as the entry point to the site. The reason is that URLs of other pages can be changed in the future but the mentioned root URL will always remain the same. Moreover, if you create a link to our site (e.g. from your personal web pages) and use only these URLs, it could help us to gain a better page rank in search engines which is a good way how to bring more new users to BrainKing and make the site even more popular.
The entry point page contains a list of small flags (at the top right corner) which represent all supported languages to display BrainKing pages in. If you want to change the language, click on the corresponding flag and the new language setting will be stored as a cookie and become the default BrainKing language in your computer.
There is also a possibility to set a default language directly in the URL by adding a language code suffix. For example, if you want to link to a French version of BrainKing, use this URL - - and everybody who clicks on this link, will come to BrainKing in the French translation without a need to click on the French flag. It can be useful if you want to add BrainKing to your local search engine or a web portal.
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