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 Run around the Pond

Discuss about this new multiplayer game or comment current runs. (includes all versions of the game)

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28. June 2007, 21:02:17
Subject: We need just 6 more peeps

to play!

Mineral Bath..

if you fall in.. the minerals give you endless life..  ~

☼‡☼ Lost In Time ☼‡☼

Run in the dark!

14. October 2005, 01:56:21
Subject: Re: *steps aside and thinks to self.. Self.. you don't play cricket either*
Foxy Lady: errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrack em'! LOL

14. October 2005, 00:20:37
Subject: *steps aside and thinks to self.. Self.. you don't play cricket either*

*I must tell noone!!*

13. October 2005, 22:01:07
Subject: Re: And in the end ....
Foxy Lady: I was curious as to why you always bid so high.. haha.. okay.. so you like the bonus..

12. October 2005, 03:16:23
Subject: Re:
Vikings: OMG!!! hahaha,...

3. August 2005, 17:20:13
Ouch.. I suppose it would probably have helped had I played in even more games?? I went down 249.. hehe oh well.. just a game..

21. July 2005, 01:17:32
Subject: Re:
BIG BAD WOLF: hahaha..

he can't afford a laptop.. not with a new baby .. He should have just shoved the nurses away from the desk and used theirs.. hahaha

12. July 2005, 02:31:06
Subject: Congrats to Morgan
For winning the Scarlets Skinny Dippin In The Dark! pond..

28. June 2005, 19:00:55
Subject: Re: -Conspiracies-My perception- Resigning-Comparing Dark Ponds
Pedro Martínez: Hey.. is there a chance you could slip me that exel table that Ed Trice sent to you for ponds??

25. June 2005, 06:07:07
Subject: Re:
BIG BAD WOLF: Thankies.. I thought so.. but, wanted to make sure.. I didn't see it in the rules.. but, didn't have time to do more that scan them quickly..

25. June 2005, 04:52:31
I have a question.. do you have to have any points to win a pond game??

for instance say you are down to the last two players and the scores look like this..

1. 343
2. 342

obviously to win player one would have to bid 343 to make sure he had the highest bid.. but, he is then left with 0 points.. does he still win??

25. June 2005, 04:43:26
Talk about some close biddin.. hehe

Good game to whoever is in 2nd..

19. June 2005, 01:43:32
Subject: Re:
BIG BAD WOLF: he has better stats than I.. but, anyhow I put him on auto vacation.. he will more than likely time out.. so lucky you that are left get to wait it out.. unless he gets to a library.. Now.. back to the pond game..

18. June 2005, 17:41:42
Subject: Re:
Modified by ScarletRose (18. June 2005, 17:43:00)
ScarletRose: IMO.. if someone trusts someone enough to go in and make their moves so they don't time out in tourney games that should be the right of the customer.. especially if they are paying for their account..

he isn't going to just be gone for a week or two.. he ended up having to relocate for the summer where there is no connection.. and to get into town and hope to find someone with a puter to use.. well.. it isn't happening quick enough..

Now I am put into a situation where I feel uncomfy.. due to that not being on the agreement when I first became a member several years ago.. *Deep Sigh* I don't know if I should try and finish out his games.. or let each of them time out!

18. June 2005, 17:21:56
Subject: Re:
Pedro Martínez: okay.. okay.. ya got me!! *sly sigh*..

18. June 2005, 15:38:05
Subject: Re:
Eriisa: you are kidding?? It says that in the agreement..? I had no idea..

18. June 2005, 07:59:45
Subject: Re:ponds
Universal Eyes: Dang!! all I was doing was responding to his question.. geez!!
"MASTERMIND (hide) Re:ponds 16. June 2005, 23:13:15
Czuch Chuckers:I'm begining to wonder why other people like to view other peoples games anyways,and don't like cloak mode why?"

You know UE.. you need to chill a bit, and quit taking what I say or anyone else for that matter out of context.. quit making a mountain out of a mole hill.. and quit being so dang defensive..

as far as what you think I had done.. I have not a clue what you are even suggesting.. perhaps if you took a deep breath.. and tried to make sense I could understand it.. and I am referring to this statement you made..

" Scarlet don't ever ask my Father for his email again and let him tell me he seen what he seen at th Motel,and right after you requested a family set of pictures you did'nt even wait for the 2nd one to go through before you deleted the account,would you like me to page it for you of the scanner?

You can play some of the people some of the time but your really playing with fire if you try it with me,are you ready to"

I have very little contact between you and your father.. please don't mix me up with that other chick like one of you had before..

18. June 2005, 07:50:58
Subject: Re:
ClayNashvilleTn: well you can allot someone to go into your account daily and play your games.. I do that for Ogopogo

17. June 2005, 15:38:31
Subject: Re:ponds
MASTERMIND: I have nothing to hide.. I may look at someone's game when..
#1 the game is brought to my attention..
#2 If I am being challenged by someone I have never played..
#3 When I know someone is watching me.. I will so that I can watch them lQQking at the same places I have just lQQKed! LOL

8. June 2005, 19:02:46
Subject: Re:
Pedro Martínez: OMG!!! I cannot keep up with that! LOL

8. June 2005, 18:38:13
I just LQQKed at that one list.. OMG!! I guess I need to join in some ponds to even get up there like you enz!! Dang how many of them do you keep going at once?? LOL

8. June 2005, 17:21:55
Modified by ScarletRose (8. June 2005, 17:22:48)
Rank…..Played ..........Won ........…….......... Rating
..4 ..........336 ..............64 ..........19.0%.......... 2554 ............ Pedro Martinez

How the heck does he do it?? Come on Pedro.. let us in on your secret?? LOL

23. May 2005, 09:30:26
i was just going to suggest that viking.. I would actually visit the link of the pond I fell in.. then put it on a notepad.. you can update the notepad with each pond.. then you have a list of links to just click on.. you can also add a brief description with the link.. such as how many days.. when started.. estimated finishing time.. stuff like that..

3. May 2005, 21:24:08
Subject: I'm still

this may take some time.. got the blonde thinking cap on.. *giggle*

3. May 2005, 17:02:54
Subject: Re:
Maxxina: hehe.. oh wow.. I was thinking you had 5662 sorry.. let me think here

3. May 2005, 16:58:38
Subject: Re:
Maxxina: Bid 5050

20. April 2005, 16:07:32
Subject: Re: Re:
BIG BAD WOLF: Which game is this?

17. April 2005, 08:49:20
41 finished ponds..
1st place = 2 times
2nd place = 4 times
3rd place = 5 times
4th place = 7 times
5th place = 5 times
top 5 = 23 times out of 41 games

16. April 2005, 08:03:42
Subject: Re: Re:
BerniceC: Yes it is.. that is how bidding should be.. my main gripe is those who on the first several rounds bit 1100 or more.. they only gain 500 if they win the high bid.. but, they drop 600 or more points.. that is NOT smart bidding.. LOL

16. April 2005, 05:43:12
Subject: Re:
BerniceC: Yes.. he ended up gaining a hundred points.. that was a positive bonus.. :)

15. April 2005, 16:38:33
Subject: Re: Re:
Jason: It is more than ridiculous to bid 1000 or 2000 or any high amount such as that on the first couple of rounds!! all it ends up doing is bringing that bidders points down greatly.. who cares if they get the bonus.. they will soon dwindle off..

9. April 2005, 21:00:51
Subject: Congrats to Erinity..
for holding out the longest in the pond..

*´`¤Just Us Gurlz¤´`* #3

30. March 2005, 06:37:43
Subject: Re: Fencer
Eriisa: In the ponds game on the playing page... it shows it right above the pond list of bidders..

19. March 2005, 01:13:04
Subject: Re: Re:
Vikings: *Giggle*..

Good luck to you all.. really.. Oh the stressies you all face over the next few days.. haha

19. March 2005, 01:06:40
Subject: Re:
BIG BAD WOLF: I would expect to see a range of bidding allowing cushion for future bidding.. I doubt seriously that vikings or maxima would just throw in the towel.. but, then who really knows their form of stratedgy.. viewing their success records shows that each player has a more positive outcome in their ponds games..

*I suggest each of you contact me privately and ask for a precalculated bid that way you don't have to tire yourselves out thinking about it, and if you wish to see what I have suggested to your opponents..* well.. the green stuff does work on me! LOL

19. February 2005, 05:19:28
Did they stop allowing pawns to play in the ponds games?? I am curious due to a friend of mine was going to join in one I started and he is saying he is not able to join it.. he has no other tourneys going either..

19. February 2005, 01:40:31
Subject: Open to All!!
*´`¤Just Us Gurlz¤´`*

Our Second Jello Pond!!

Don't forget the whipped cream! Whoo hoo!!

19. February 2005, 00:52:51
Subject: For those who have won at least 2 ponds!!
Multiple Wins Pond #2

Hurry up peeps!! sign up so it can start!!

18. February 2005, 20:52:09
Subject: Re: Re:
Thad: I will add to that as well..

When starting up that first run, and the game is brand new.. you don't always realize how boring it becomes when there is that many in the game. After playing I prefer to play the ponds that are kept small..

7. February 2005, 04:23:44
Subject: Re: Thoughts
Foxy Lady: I guess it's a man thing girlie girl.. hehe.. Oh well..

did you see the cute link?

7. February 2005, 03:43:38
Subject: Thoughts
Can't there ever be a game.. without worry about the stats?? Geez peeps.. is Fencer going to be put through a nightmare because he offers another game and now is horded from the players to figure out who is the best at it.. There are too many variables with this type of game..

Why is it that every game HAS to show who is the most powerful.. Cripes... talk about taking the fun out of a game..

I recommend this link to all of you ez!!!

1. February 2005, 22:59:40
Subject: Re: Re:
Czuch Chuckers: Which pond??

31. January 2005, 21:11:05
Subject: Re: Just to show you how quickly these games can turn around..
Pedro Martínez: You will have to ask her yourselves.. I have no idea.. I was just as surprised as you all were..

Maybe she was confused.. ???? *shrugs shoulders*

31. January 2005, 16:24:32
Subject: Re: Just to show you how quickly these games can turn around..
Czuch Chuckers: It's called Luck Chuckers!! *sticks out tongue ~ blthhhh*.. So there!!!

31. January 2005, 05:35:15
Subject: Just to show you how quickly these games can turn around..

I thought for sure I was a goner in this one.. I was last in line..

30. January 2005, 17:36:15
Subject: Re:
Stevie: "So for example 350-671+500=179 not 500" How is he allowed to bid 671 when he only starts out with 350??

29. January 2005, 23:19:40
Subject: Re:
furbster: Yeppers!! :) just have to wait it out.. whoo hoo!

29. January 2005, 17:59:12
Subject: Whoo hoo!! I am going to win my first pond!
Just gotta wait a couple more days.. !

28. January 2005, 00:38:41
Subject: Re:
Radiant 36 9: yes

28. January 2005, 00:24:34
Subject: Re: First pond game :-)
Radiant 36 9: well.. I suppose if you have been in one.. and haven't been on line.. it will keep putting in your bid.. that you put in the last time.. You may wish to change that bid.. and it seems you have 21 hours to make your change before it is calculated again..

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