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Discuss about battleboats game or find new opponents. (Also Dark Battleboats & Battleboats Plus!)

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5. January 2008, 20:19:57
Subject: Battleboats on BugCafe
Modified by MadMonkey (5. January 2008, 20:25:15)
Been playing the boats more & more there now

Those diagonal ones make it a great game as the board is based on squares, therefore boats can go across each other (A1, B2, C3, D4 & D5) and the other (D1, C2, B3 & A4) for example.

You can set the games to include diagonal boats or not, and also have boats that just use ONE space, would be like having one Frog in the game OR we could call it Life Raft (great idea monkeyboy lol)

In fact what is great about BugCafe, well a few of there games, is you can create your own rules as such, like design your own Scrabble boards, any size you wish, and set bonus squares anywhere you wish them, how ever many tiles you want.

Would be great if we could do that here with Boats here, decide how many of which boats we use in a game

In fact be great if we could do it for any game here that Fencer can not find time to make even the smallest changes for

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16. November 2007, 05:11:54
Subject: Re:
rod03801: yes, i am just playing it on BugCafe. Considering how supposedly backward that site is, they are getting some great new games

I will mention it on Feature again

16. November 2007, 03:13:06
Just a thought about variants in boats, lets introduce diagonal ones as well like they have on BugCafe

12. February 2007, 11:53:25
One for the Boat players:

MadMonkeys 'Boat' Battle' (9)

25. August 2004, 11:38:05
Subject: Re: Cheating in Battleboats?
Its not cheating at all, but if a person decides to use an old game set up (as saved in the game editors) it is up to them.
If there opponent then looks back through games and sees what they think maybe the same game, they will win of course, BUT then what is either person getting out of it.
Is all the winner would get would obviously be a win, but using no tactics at all apart from looking at old games that there opponent had played. The loser would just have proved there is little point having Battleboats in the game editor now we have a Random placement option.

2. August 2004, 10:41:20
Subject: Re: new bug
LOL - I am glad it is not just me. I reported this weeks ago when it happened in a couple of games to me, but when myself and Fencer tried to make it happen, it wouldn't.

9. July 2004, 11:00:06
Subject: Re: Random Position Generator
Thanks Fencer, i wont mention it again lol :o)

6. July 2004, 12:12:22
I wouldn't normally show any of my games, but this was a bit of a special one against Dirk (who was unbeaten till this morning).

MM Vs Dirk

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