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Discuss about battleboats game or find new opponents. (Also Dark Battleboats & Battleboats Plus!)

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4. September 2015, 22:44:15
Subject: Join the Pub
Hey asking for anyone who loves playing battleboats, bb plus, or dark bb to come and join Brian's 1971 Pub. On September 15th we will be having tournaments in each of these three games. So request a membership and so you can play.

26. June 2015, 19:40:07
I have some dark battleboats and regular battleboats games set up in the waiting games room for top notch players. Please take one of the games. I would love to play. Thank you and good luck.

28. February 2007, 23:23:31
Subject: BB Plus Tournament
Starting March 26--Battleboats Plus
Seek and Destroy #7--Battleboats Plus

25. October 2004, 03:57:46
Subject: Re: Battleboat Versions
I like all the battleboats version ideas. In my opinion, more options for the better. All game sites of the basic games that we have here but the more interesting and fun variants we can have on those games is what will intrigue new people to check out this website.

25. October 2004, 02:54:10
that seems like a twist on battleboats Daniel. I also have a variant on BB that seems to be avoiding Fencer's attention or interest. It is Bonus Battleboats. You get one shot per turn. However if you get a hit on that turn the game would pass on your opponents turn and you would get another shot. You keep shooting until you get a miss. Of course to prevent cheating you would have to submit the move after each shot. However if you get the game would AUTOPASS your opponent it would still be your turn. I know this is ignored because Fencer doesnt want such type of autopass feature at brainking. however you are missing out on a fun version of battleboats.

28. June 2004, 16:51:30
Subject: Start the tourneys
BBW your two battleboats tourneys are filled. Please start the tourneys. I have to go to work soon. :-)

28. June 2004, 16:42:16
Subject: Re: Dark Battleboats & Battleboats Plus
Since there is a bug with the waiting room postings of battleboats games, I signed up for your two tournaments for plus and dark battleboats.

28. June 2004, 15:56:01
Subject: Re: Game variant(s)
Like I mentioned in my post, I have a handheld battleship game and that version is on it. I havent seen it on the internet sites though. Someone in feature requests where I posted this idea first said they saw it somewhere once but didnt remember where.

28. June 2004, 15:39:37
Subject: Game variant(s)
Modified by Brian1971 (28. June 2004, 15:41:32)
I made this request a few months back but now BK2.0 is in place I wish to make it again. There is one more battleboats variant I would like to see. I will call it Battleboats Bonus. It is played like regular battleboats but the bonus is if you make a hit on your opponent you get to keep your turn until you miss. Actually you could make this a 2 variant request. You could play it with a dark version too if you would like. I havent seen this version anywhere else so this could be exclusive to the Brainking lineup of games. I have a handheld battleship game and this game variant is on it. I like this version and I think others would like it too.

if you install the auto-pass feature you could do it. If you get a hit the autopass would kick in and you would get to shoot again. If not it would be your opponents turn. Just a another reason to have the autopass feature as an option but for my game idea it would be mandatory feature built in.

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