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15. July 2003, 00:48:55
Subject: Re: ... last post cont.
It must be a bug, one of the players can not have had a 1800+ rating lately, he won much more games then he lost. I don't think i have to ASK the tournament creator to remove such a player. When creating a 1800+ tourney the creator has to do that automaticly or announce it as a open tournament. I also think that unrated players never can join a 1800+ tournament because they don't have a 1800+ BKR!

13. July 2003, 00:41:41
Subject: rated tournaments
when i try to sign up for a tournament for players rated over 1800 i have got the message that the max. number of players has signed for this tournament. But....... 2 of the players are rated between 1500 and 1600! Is this a bug in the system?

6. February 2003, 23:59:40
Subject: Re:
Fencer, sorry for the late answer. I played loop chess in your own 1st official brain king tourn. and now i want to enter an other loop chess tourney.

31. January 2003, 23:37:55
Subject: tournament entry
as a brain knight i can not enter a tournament because i am already playing in an other tournemant of the same kind. so far i understand, but if i have completed all my games in that other tournament i still can not enter an other tournament. So i am the victim of the slow play of other players. Is that right? I have completed that tournament!

19. January 2003, 00:56:44
Subject: Re: eddie spaghetti tourney
what kind of tourney?

14. January 2003, 10:35:33
Subject: Re:
thanks Fencer but for that reason i don't play that games in the tourney

10. January 2003, 00:42:11
Subject: Re:
Hi Fencer, in games like horde chess or maharadja chess it gives a great advantage for one color.
For example: if you play in a tourney horde chess and play 4 times black and 3 times white you normally win 3 games and loose 4

5. January 2003, 23:47:19
Subject: Re: BKR
Fencer, thanks for the answer. Looking forward to improve my BKR's

5. January 2003, 00:43:21
Subject: BKR
I can't find anything about it. Are tournament results counting for your BKR?

26. December 2002, 00:29:56
Subject: horde chess
i suggest it will be the first and last horde chess tournament. It is not a fair game, with 2 good players white always wins

26. December 2002, 00:27:50
Subject: Re:
never played fortress chess before but i will sign up to let that tourney go on. Don't expect a good result

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