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Májový turnaj - Starts: 30th April

Late Easter - Starts: 1st May

Selected games, single game round robin May 24ᵗʰ - Starts: 24th May

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May 2022 - Dark Battleboats 2 - Starts: 20th May

May 2022 - Dice Chess 2 - Starts: 31st May

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June 2022 - Knight Fight 2 - Starts June 27th

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3. October 2006, 15:01:31
Subject: Re: Hour Game
WellyWales: the 2 hour games as I described are the shortest possible as far as I know, you can't get any shorter as it has to be 1 hour per player.

3. October 2006, 14:45:34
Subject: Re: Hour Game
WellyWales: If it's Ficher clock 0.1/0/0.1 then it should be 2 hours at most

1. October 2006, 10:17:51
Subject: Re:
Could someone tell me in English what the prize is for this tournament:
turnájek o kopačák od Coca-Coly

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