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16. March 2008, 22:13:28

Let's celebrate St Patrick's Day

Sandy's St Patrick's Day 2008 Tournament

23. February 2008, 17:08:05

Help me celebrate my birthday tomorrow


Sandy's Favourite Games BIRTHDAY Tournament

9. November 2005, 00:02:17
Subject: Re: slow play
Luke Skywalker: I'm not going to try it from work. I don't download anything personal to my work PC. I will just play on in the evenings and cut down on my number of games so I don't keep opponents waiting for a long time.

8. November 2005, 23:49:48
Subject: Re: slow play
Luke Skywalker: the page cannot be displayed

8. November 2005, 23:34:07
Subject: slow play
This is an apology that from now on I will be playing slower than before. My work firewall has blocked Brainking and I can't play during the day anymore. I am devastated :(

29. August 2005, 12:46:30
Subject: St Patrick's Day Backgammon
Congratulations to taikoki on winning my St Pat's Day Backgammon tournament Interesting also that his real name is Patrick

26. August 2005, 16:29:41
Subject: Backgammon 1 Hour Tournament
I played in a tournament yesterday which the time control was 1 hour, no days off.

It was very quick and good fun. The unfortunate bit was that out of the group of 7 of us 3 didn't turn up to play. Therefore the games were timed out.

But the 3 of us left finished 6 games (two games against each opponent) in about 2 hours.

I have set up my own tournament to start at 1200 this Monday 29th (UK Bank Holiday Monday).

Any of you interested please sign up -

8. July 2005, 15:22:34
Subject: 12th July Tournament
I have set up an invitational tournament in "honour" of the silly marching season in Northern Ireland. Anyone who would like an invite let me know and I will send one to you. It's just a small tournament of 8 players so get your name down soon :)

18. June 2005, 15:46:16
Subject: Sandy's Sunday Quickie 9
Just a short apology for those playing in this one. It started today (Saturday) because I got the date wrong. I hope anyone thinking it starting tomorrow doesn't miss their turn. All further tourneys the dates are correct.

11. May 2005, 16:16:34
Subject: Tournament Winner - Paula30
Modified by alexSandra (11. May 2005, 16:17:19)
The winner of Sandy's first Sunday Quickie Hyper Backgammon was Paula30 - congratulations to her

9. May 2005, 17:48:34
Subject: Sandy's Sunday Quickie
The fourth starts this Sunday, if you want to play quickly come join in Sandy’s Sunday Quickie #4

19. April 2005, 22:06:45
Subject: balance teams
The computer works that out for you surely?

19. April 2005, 19:46:38
Subject: Quickie Gammon
If you would like to start the week with a couple of quick games of back and hyper then join my tournaments - Sandy's Sunday Quickie - only 24 places available.

25. January 2005, 11:52:57
Subject: St Patrick's Day Tournament

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