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1. September 2017, 00:06:46
Subject: Re: Team Tournaments
Aganju: i would suggest to try through the contact form. usually fencer solves very quickly such issues since the requirements are covered, after you checked.

26. August 2017, 16:00:09
Subject: Join Cloning Backgammon Team
Dear all we search for good cloning backgammon players who like to join BGBedlam's Fellowship Multigammon and join some of the teams. We are still waiting with joining the open tournaments:
Multigammon Mayhem

you are welcome

10. December 2016, 02:24:59
Subject: Re: Very interesting and thank you for pointing up. So maybe the admin didn't know about this rule too and thought like I did that this is a bug.

in the past I remember having post the same request for a manual brake and the admin always made one. but as my opponents who were informed through message didn't complain either i need to assume that all of us weren't aware of this rule... Thank you coan

10. December 2016, 01:26:37
Subject: Re: Has this happened to anyone?
crosseyed: sometimes ignoring you is not as easy, since you turn the facts as you want around, depends on your purpose... but even if your starting question is about something else, you manage often enough to turn it into a fight... i should have learned from the past that it is easier to convince someone that p.m. is a.m. instead of trying to go out of any kind of discussion with you.... well now that you have your answers concerning our plakoto game, i hope you stop going on and on with this discussion, bye and dream on

10. December 2016, 01:09:17
Subject: Re: Has this happened to anyone?
crosseyed: if you can count 1+1, it wouldn't at all be necessary for you to pose any of this questions.
after all you complained about me and the administrator, that we didn't inform you before i asked for correction and before the admin corrected the obvious bug. so even in the future, i refuse to chat with you on any games, if a manual correction will be needed from an admin, than you will find out why on your own, i don't feel guilty for not communicate with you on running games, since you offended me several time only for having another oppinion as yours. and to clarify it, the admin some months ago deleted some of your attacks to me, so now you clearly can't follow up anymore what you through on my face through discussion boards.

so no, i will refuse to even inform you, when again a manual correction will occure again.

10. December 2016, 01:02:49
Subject: Re: Has this happened to anyone?
Modified by speachless (10. December 2016, 01:03:43)
crosseyed: well i decide now it doesn't make any sense for me to reply to any of your arguments. so your question was concerning our plakoto game. i gave you the answer. i try now to ignore you, everything else is a waste of time for me

10. December 2016, 00:44:56
Subject: Re: Has this happened to anyone?
crosseyed: well however you feel about it, you knew this bug in plakoto sometimes happen, right? most all of the time it function very well.
and no i don't feel i need to be polite when it comes to you as in the past you offended me directly, mocking around about my insufficient english knowledge, etc. etc. so no, i feel you should have count 1+1 together but you expected courtesy from me and an administrator. well, i expected courtesy before you attacked me several times on public chats, just because you had another opinion. so no, i don't feel i need to be nice or polite or whatever to you, if i wish, i can ignore you, so easy!

10. December 2016, 00:30:54
Subject: Re: Has this happened to anyone?
Modified by speachless (10. December 2016, 00:34:34)
crosseyed: there is no reason why an administrator would need first to consult you before correcting a bug, since i pinned your mother piece without ending the game automatically. as i noticed after i won, that the game just passed the move to you, without that the game ended automatically as usually expected, so i wrote to an admin asking to end the game manually. as you expected to loose according the plakoto rules, it is not necessary that anyone contacts you first...

1. July 2016, 17:49:55

13. November 2015, 15:08:47
Subject: Prizetournament
Starting in 2h 45 min... a prize tournament for cloning backgammon: Cloning BG ***Prize: 1 year Brain Rook***

27. August 2015, 20:25:15
Subject: Prize tournament
I have set a prize tournament for cloning backgammon (1 year Brain Rook) - please join if interested

Cloning BG ***Prize: 1 year Brain Rook***

27. January 2015, 13:18:29
Subject: gammon trnmt starts in 3 days...

18. January 2015, 02:44:14
Subject: new monthly tournaments
every month (mid & end of month) 1 gammon tournament will start, one with single elimination and the other with 2 games for each player - both 4 wins 2 starting soon:

'GAMMON' - 4 wins match - feb' 2015
'multi GAMMON' #01 - 4 wins match - 2 games/player

thanks for joining

23. December 2014, 19:48:19
Subject: invitation

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