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Team Tournaments

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As always the strongest players will get picked to play in Team Tournaments. If you are in a Team and do not wish to play, please contact the Captain (or Myself), or leave the Team for a while *4*

Hi Everyone *86*
Here are a list of the next 7 Team Tournaments coming for us to do battle in.
Anyone wishing to join a team click on the appropriate link and sign up & anyone wishing to Captain a Team, just PM me and i will sort it (this applies to ALL Madhouse teams of course) *1*
Sadly over the last few months we have lost some of our regular team players, so its time to build them back up again *4*

PLEASE NOTE : IF you are in ANY doubt about being able to play in a Team Tournament, or even think you may time out on games, PLEASE leave the Team until you are available. It is not fair on players that have missed out on getting to play, and even worse for those that are playing, yet are losing matches for no reason of there own.

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