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7. June 2005, 23:25:47
Subject: Re:
Stormerne: I believe that perpetual raichi is only a problem if it can be demonstrated that white can always force it from the start position. To the best of my knowledge that has not yet been done. If it is ever done then the game rules are flawed and will need changing.

Yes, but after you have demonstrated that white can always force a draw, then before you change the rules that white isn't allowed to force a draw, you should demonstrate white has a better strategy. If it turns out that going for a draw is the best white can hope for with the best black play, it would be silly to penalize white for that.

21. February 2005, 14:48:43
Subject: Re:
Modified by AbigailII (21. February 2005, 14:49:05)
snigfarp: As for draws by repetition, I would be happy enough if a draw was mutually agreed by the players, rather than enforced by the rules. If an unsportsmanlike Swede attempts to win by attrition, making repetitive attacks while refusing the offer of a draw, it's simple enough on this site not to play against him (or her) in future.

But what if the person making the repetitive attack (assumed forced repetive attacks, other moves leading to a loss) does make a draw offer, and the offer gets refused? You'd either have to give up the game, or play forever, hoping the other side will time out at some point. It could hold up a tournament for quite a long time.

I think that especially on a game site like this, the rules should specific (draw, win, loss, ...) what happens if the game repeats itself.

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